I am hugely excited to bring you something completely unique and exclusive to UK shores, the culmination of several years of meticulous planning and negotiation, a fortuitous ‘aligning of the planets’ and certainly the single largest investment LOTUS HIFI has ever made. From Koln in Germany, I present  the exquisite, impassioned, profound world of Jörn Janczak – an industry Holy Grail, my own personal sonic reference, a brand which I have coveted for many many years. In partnership with distributors Kog Audio, I am immensely proud to announce LOTUS HIFI as the exclusive sole retailer in the United Kingdom for TIDAL AUDIO.

TIDAL is a true Luxury brand overflowing with pedigree. Their  single-mindedness, uncompromising philosophy and ridiculously high manufacturing standards have never once faltered. Glare in bewilderment at the outside or the inside of these masterpiece products and it’s hard to decide which is the more extraordinary.  Every TIDAL over delivers on all counts. Every TIDAL is perfected without compromise. Every TIDAL is crafted with a finish and an attention to detail which is rarely observed not just in the Home Audio industry but across the entire consumer marketplace.

The TIDAL sonic approach is perhaps easier to put into words. In the designer’s own phrasing, “a pure glass of water”, “one hundred percent transparency, zero percent colouration”. Put another way, a TIDAL imposes no sonic signature on the music and all the usual audiophile language is therefore largely moot. With a TIDAL you get absolute invisibility and the only thing that is left is the real thing. I will only briefly impress upon you that it is indeed something truly magical and most likely quite different to anything you may have heard before; It compelled me to overlook every single other pre-existing Highend brand already available to UK dealers.

Home Audio lives in an exciting time right now. For me, bringing TIDAL to the UK has just raised that sense of thrill and adventure to a whole new level; I genuinely can’t wait to put customers in front of this agonisingly beautiful equipment and show them exactly what it can achieve. After sixteen years of hard work and resolute focus since their inception, the dream has been realised; the Golden Age for TIDAL AUDIO is well underway.

TIDAL AUDIO. Loudspeakers, electronics and complete systems. On demonstration exclusively at Lotus Hifi in Weybridge, Surrey.