Hello and thanks for stopping by. If you are reading this then we probably share a deep love of music. Having music in our lives – every week, every day – is almost a basic need. My name is Richard Morris and my own personal journey in the world of music replay started in the late 1980’s when I sold all the popular British brands from a dealership in southwest London.

Some 20 years later, returning to the industry during a career change, it looked a little tired to me and in many ways, not really much different from all those years ago. I set up Lotus Hifi with the principal aim of pushing the boundaries of home audio, breaking beyond the longstanding and dogmatic constraints of the UK marketplace and offering customers a slice of what I knew was really possible.

To this end I have painstakingly assembled some of the finest equipment in the world into the exquisite portfolio of exclusive products you see before you. Along the way I resolutely ignored what the mainstream dictated, I sidestepped industry politics, imported brands myself if necessary and only added  to my highly select catalogue after exhaustive and prolonged scrutiny. For every manufacturer you see here, dozens were discounted.

My brands are very similar in philosophy so work beautifully together to make for a superbly balanced final system. These brands very accurately preserve exactly what is on the recording and give you every last detail, imposing little or no sound of their own. They create a very open and dynamic sound bursting with life but with as much respect for the beauty, intimacy and realism of the music as well. A Lotus system sounds extremely natural yet also focused, highly detailed yet fluid, precise yet organic, dynamic yet at ease, and unlike many other ‘Highend’ high resolution systems, completely fatigue free. Palpable, living, breathing images. A tactile three dimensional transportation of the recording venue straight into your living room.

A well balanced system from Lotus will achieve my ultimate end goal;  the electronics and boxes will be truly forgotten leaving you with a completely natural unforced world of emotion that never gets tiring to listen to and does not incessantly nag at you for further ‘upgrades’. Pure uncorrupted music that is profoundly satisfying and startling in its sense of realism, a primordial and endlessly engaging connection between you and your favourite artists. The best system is one that is neutral at all junctures and has been very carefully put together, professionally installed and set up and an investment that should last you a long long time and deliver huge quantities of pleasure every day, week, month, year.

Lotus Hifi
Walton on Thames, Surrey
Tel: +44 788 785 2513
Email: sales@lotus340r.net

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Lotus Hifi operates at a close personal level bringing much added service to the process of buying Audio equipment. An astute understanding of my customer’s musical tastes and the aspects of the sound which they respond to the most lay the foundations of all partnerships. I engage with customers as a consultant, helping them shape and set up their systems to achieve an end result elevated high above just the basic sum of the parts and one which is very personally tailored to their music, their ears and their room acoustics.

Whilst shop demonstrations are always offered, the extended home loan with a precursory setup visit is often the best way to ensure that you are truly making the right purchases. After my resolute belief and genuine love for the products I sell, aftersales and customer care is the very highest priority. Expert component advice, a profound knowledge of setup and installation, a very powerful suite of ancilliaries and system enhancements, informal loans and equipment trials, painless and generous part exchange facilities; a proper customer dealer relationship is so much more than a simple exchange of product for money.

Lotus Hifi is based in leafy Walton on Thames in the comfort and tranquility of the Ashley Park private estate. We are just 20 minutes from central London or Heathrow airport, just 5 minutes from the M25, M3 and A3. Demonstrations are strictly by appointment but the telephone and the email inbox operates almost 12 hours a day and no question or enquiry is too much trouble. Much has progressed in the last 5 years or so. Home Audio is fast evolving and in an exciting place right now. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.