ALLUXITY, “All Luxury and Musicality”

Clean sleek lines, touchscreen interfaces, beautifully machined one piece casework, control from a  single tablet and a gorgeous highend sound from Denmark. The Alluxity is very much a contemporary luxury product with elegance and simplicity at the cornerstone of it’s entire personality.

Created and engineered by Alexander Vitus Mogensen, son of Hans Ole Vitus and produced using the same industry leading factory facilities as Vitus Audio, Alluxity is a natural choice for the Lotus portfolio. As you would expect from the Vitus family the brand guarantees its customers the very highest of standards in terms of sonics, build quality, craftsmanship, componentry, and long term reliability and product support.

Crucial to Alluxity’s placement in the Lotus stable though is its uniqueness. Whilst it shares all the advantages that its family origins can offer, it most definitely exists as a very different product from Vitus Audio. Not only has Alexander adorned the electronics with a contemporary look and feel that is refreshingly divorced from the traditional world of home audio, but he has mastered his own personal way of bringing your favourite music to life.

Whilst Alluxity stands very tall by all the usual Hifi sonic criteria it brings its own special philosophy to the table. Soulful, mellifluous, melodious and oh so musical but equally as energetic and vivacious as one would expect from a powerful solid state design, Alluxity is a gratifying elixir for those of us who are perhaps a little tired of equipment which worships at the altar of resolution and detail yet falls noticeably short when it comes to an emotional connection.

With a minimal box count and a compact ‘lifestyle’ form factor which will dovetail into the most stylish of interiors this Danish brand creates a sound that is so satisfying and engaging. No hard drives, no computers, no separate streamers, no complex network of cables, no array of remote controls, Alluxity is 100% fuss and maintenance free.

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