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Please excuse my slightly sugary sense of enthusiasm but I have had a fabulous days listening with this new piece. It seems odd to talk in terms of upgrading the H3000V phono stage but what KS Park's HA3000 active Nuvistor head amp does is nothing short of incredible. I was expecting a moderate but detectable increase in all the usual hifi properties - resolution, speed, space, depth, purity, timing, coherency, solidity - and you do get all of that, but in a bigger dose than I could have imgained. What that doesn't tell you though is more about the [...]

28th May 2013|


The other afternoon I spent some very interesting time in the company of Jason Hector. Some of you may remember Jason from when he was a well known reviewer for Hifi Plus magazine. These days he runs a very nice Well tempered system with the Amadeus turntable, XV1-s cartridge, Dynavector amps and Shahinian Obelisk 2 speakers. This is a nice little system I know well and one that has gained a lot of traction over the last few years here in the UK courtesy of Pear Audio. It's a cohesive balanced marriage that works well, has a low box [...]

16th May 2013|