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I had an illuminating conversation with a customer of mine the other day. So key was it's message that I thought it might be a good idea to write an article around it. This particular customer of mine has a great system with me. We moved him into Vitus amplification around 3 years ago and then soon after that we upgraded his Notts Analogue deck to a Brinkmann Balance with Transfiguration Proteus moving coil. An Allnic phonostage and some TelluriumQ wires complete the picture as far as Lotus is concerned. At the business end though, he has left his [...]

1st March 2018|

The LINN LP12 – into the Highend league

The Linn Sondek LP12 has been there all of our adult lives. A hugely lovable legend in its own right it is also a deck that has evolved steadily through the decades. The last time I personally owned one was way back in 1991 when it was looked after by Chris Thomas from Audio Venue in Crystal Palace. Back in those days he (along with Derek Jenkins) was the very best person in the country at setting one up. Since then of course through the earlier days of Lotus Hifi I have literally sold hundreds of them secondhand, [...]

1st May 2017|


I thought it might be useful and fun to list a few recommended systems here at Lotus and some of our most popular combiations with our customers. Save the very last these are all arrangements that we have sold or tested and they all work really well together in a balanced and cohesive fashion. There is obviously a huge price difference between first and last but the point is these all make stunning music and are all so fundamentally right that you don't sit there wanting for more or being distracted by niggles. You obviously get more and more as [...]

26th February 2017|


With another year flown by I thought it might be interesting to look back at the Lotus Stars of 2016. The Lotus product portfolio is already finely handpicked (we don't automatically list every single product that our brands manufacture) so almost every item you see on this website comes highly recommended and will sell at some point or other. There are of course products that sell in far greater numbers though. It might be because they are one in million items, amazingly competitive in their own marketplace or just reflective of new trends and habits. Let's check over the sales [...]

20th January 2017|