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Allnic L10000 reviewed by Image Hifi

"Obviously its incomparably purist signal path, with no capacitors or transformers in the output, combined with its ability to deliver immense power reserves from its four 300B valves, and finally the unique volume pot, provides a far better signal than anyother preamp I've tried." Uwe Kirbach has posted an excellent review of the Allnic flagship L10000 OTL/OCL linestage in "Image Hifi" Read the full review here. "With his OTL/OCL-Line preamp Allnic L-10000, Kang Su Park has raised the bar for preamps a little bit further. For me, he has become one of the great developers of [...]

10th June 2020|

Vitus update the RI-101 to Mk2

Vitus has updated the RI-101 Integrated amplifier to mk2 specification. It was updated to the RI-101 2 years ago now and yes, as a pretty much peerless product, it hardly needed further improvement but a new advanced knowledge base garnered from the development of the linestage module and power supply of the flagship SIA-030 Integrated amplifier meant that Vitus was duty bound to implement this new know how into the baby of the range. The mk2 upgrade affords the unit a sizeable sonic upgrade, somewhat larger than the RI-100 to RI-101 jump was, and there is an associated [...]

6th May 2020|

Allnic H1202 reviewed by AUDIOBEAT

" I loved the Allnic H-1202. Its performance was exemplary whether set to MC or MM. Either setting brought about immensely enjoyable, prolonged listening sessions. The H-1202 handled every recording I played with authority, richness and musicality -- all layered upon backgrounds as dark and deep as a clear, starless night sky. With every LP I found myself smiling and taking a deep breath, reveling in just how good and satisfying vinyl could sound." Guy Lemcoe has penned a superb review of the £3250 venerable Allnic H1202 Phonostage, successor to the long running H1202 now with tubed [...]

6th April 2020|

Jeff Fritz reviews the Shunyata Hydra Alpha

"The fact that Shunyata Research’s Hydra Alpha A12 power conditioner and Venom NR-V10 power cords got me that much closer to the state of the art for only about 5% of the cost of my system is a testament to what Caelin Gabriel and his company have accomplished. That makes these products not only an easy recommendation from me, but one of the best values in high-end audio. " Jeff has written a great review of the Hydra Alpha A10 and Venom NR-V10 power cords for Soundstage Ultra. We are big fans of the Hydra here. Read [...]

2nd April 2020|

Fremer reviews the HELIX 1V2

"This turntable exudes complete authority and control, and never leaves you feeling that there's more to be extracted from the grooves (especially with the SAT onboard!) or that anything is being withheld dynamically, spatially, or in terms of detail resolution. It put Monk's piano right in the room. " Michael Fremer who reviewed the first Helix 1, has just taken a close look at the new improved 1 V2 for Stereophile. His findings are extremely positive and he compares the deck very favourably to the TechDas AF1 and Continuum Caliburn, both of which are over twice the [...]

2nd April 2020|

VIMBERG – front cover of Stereophile

"In my room and with my ancillary gear, it produced a full-range, neutrally balanced, transparent sound that rivaled what I remember experiencing with the seven-times-the-price Tidal Akira." John Atkinson has reviewed the Vimberg Mino for Stereophile. Not only is the review extremely positive but he compares the speaker very favourably close to the Magico M2 which is almost three times the price at £68,000 Read the full review here.

2nd April 2020|


January 2020, Tidal Audio release the long awaited Prisma fully balanced preamplifier. The Prisma, teased at Munich 2019, is a slim single chassis preamplifier with an internal MC phonostage. It is designed to bridge the gap between the company's entry level Preos preamplifier/Dac and the statement electronics. Pricing TBC. We have been looking forward to this for some time as it finally means Preos owners have a much more affordable and manageable way to upgrade and utilise the flagship camira DAC, without having to go all the way to the very expensive £68,250 Precensio linestage. The Prisma incorporates [...]

22nd January 2020|


In 2019, to keep step with the ever expanding perfomance ability of the electronics and sources we sell, Lotus began an exhuastive search to find a new cable manufacturer with both the range and performance ceiling to fully accomodate our entire product suite. The result ? Well it was a brand perhaps less clandestine and obscure than we originally imagined. Tara Labs from Oregon USA have been producing world class product for over 30 years now. They are actually the most awarded cable brand in existence so their name is no secret and most people with a [...]

13th December 2019|


Every once in a while a product comes along that goes so far into undiscovered territory, is so newfangled and boundless in it’s design,  construction and implementation that it has seasoned dealers and distributors, industry insiders as well as customers, foaming at the mouth and gossiping frantically. I am very excited then, to bring to Lotus the Taiko SGM Extreme. This is one we've been waiting for for some time. For those who want the ultimate design solution as far as streamed music is concerned, the SGM Extreme is the most sophisticated digital source currently possible, the [...]

13th December 2019|

ALLNIC H7000 – EnjoytheMusic

"The Allnic H-7000 is a very special audio component, one that was able to bring me closer to the recordings I played through it. It would somehow be able to dig into a phono cartridge's signal like no other phono preamp I have heard in recent memory, and be able to pass on this signal with the least amount of change to that signal, yet when amplifying that signal would be able to render the most life-like sound I ever heard from the rest of my system." Tom Lyle for has published a review of the [...]

4th December 2019|