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In 2019, to keep step with the ever expanding perfomance ability of the electronics and sources we sell, Lotus began an exhuastive search to find a new cable manufacturer with both the range and performance ceiling to fully accomodate our entire product suite. The result ? Well it was a brand perhaps less clandestine and obscure than we originally imagined. Tara Labs from Oregon USA have been producing world class product for over 30 years now. They are actually the most awarded cable brand in existence so their name is no secret and most people with a [...]

13th December 2019|


Every once in a while a product comes along that goes so far into undiscovered territory, is so newfangled and boundless in it’s design,  construction and implementation that it has seasoned dealers and distributors, industry insiders as well as customers, foaming at the mouth and gossiping frantically. I am very excited then, to bring to Lotus the Taiko SGM Extreme. This is one we've been waiting for for some time. For those who want the ultimate design solution as far as streamed music is concerned, the SGM Extreme is the most sophisticated digital source currently possible, the [...]

13th December 2019|

ALLNIC H7000 – EnjoytheMusic

"The Allnic H-7000 is a very special audio component, one that was able to bring me closer to the recordings I played through it. It would somehow be able to dig into a phono cartridge's signal like no other phono preamp I have heard in recent memory, and be able to pass on this signal with the least amount of change to that signal, yet when amplifying that signal would be able to render the most life-like sound I ever heard from the rest of my system." Tom Lyle for has published a review of the [...]

4th December 2019|

New Products – Winter 2019

Lotus subscribers have been sent the latest newsletter on new products for 2019. Click the link here to see this newletter online and click the top left button on that page to subscribe to future email communications from us.

15th November 2019|

UK Hi-Fi Show Ascot – TIDAL & VIMBERG

After six years in Windsor, the UK's longest-running premier high-end audio show moves to a new venue for 2019, offering an even greater range of beautifully-appointed spaces and event opportunities to showcase the world's finest hi-fi. Lotus Hifi in conjunction with Kog Audio will be showing the new Vimberg loudspeakers along with Tidal electronics. There will also be static exhibits of Tidal and Vimberg products. We will be in "Box 1" on the second floor. With a fabulous new venue this is suire to be a great day out so please get yourself some tickets, come along and [...]

10th October 2019|

Lotus launches THE MUSEUM

Lotus Launches The Muesum. Inspired by feedback and likes on social media, I decided to create an online gallery to showcase a selection of real life Lotus systems in real customers homes. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the setups we have put together over the years and look after and develop  closely. It's an absolute pleasure to be involved with our customers and guide them steadily to Audio 'Shangri-La'; many we would consider personal friends. After 9 years grind and investment I think I can truly say that the Lotus philosophy of Hifi, Audio and System [...]

8th October 2019|

Shunyata Research at LOTUS

New for Summer 2019 at Lotus, we are excited to add Shunyata mains products to our portfolio. We like Shunyata's dedication to UK mains application and in particular their dedicated UK 3 pin plug. The Denali mains districution block is something quite special as is the Venom UK 6 block at a more modest pricepoint. We also like the people behind Shunyata UK who are driven, professional and very much on the pulse. Commercial viability, aftersales, support and availability is always as important as out and out sonics. We tested the Alpha, Delta and [...]

3rd September 2019|

Summer 2019 News

It's actually been a year or so since our last news, we try not to bombard our subscribers and customers can see plenty of our regular feeds on Instagram and facebook, but there is now a fair amount to tell in a more formal address so here goes. Read the full Lotus Summer 2019 newsletter here

1st September 2019|

Munich 2019 – Vimberg / Tidal / Vitus / Dohmann

Munich 2019 begins this week and will be notable for Lotus with a number of significant launches. First up Vimberg out of the Tidal factory will launch the new entry level standmount the "Amea". The Amea will follow the incredible standard set by the Tonda and Mino floorstanders and offer a benchmark performance level in a compact form factor at around the mid teens in terms of pricing. Obviously you can expect Vimberg's exceptional clarity, resolution and absolute invisibility and not one gram of unaturalness or 'hifi effect'. We can't wait for these. Staying in Hurth in [...]

5th May 2019|

AudioBeat / Tidal La Assoluta

Roy Gregory at the Audiobeat has published a fascinating article and report on the Tidal flagship La Assoluta loudspeaker.   "The world isn’t exactly short of absurdly expensive speaker systems (and these three are actually far from the priciest), but the WAMM MC, Vox Olympian, and now the Tidal La Assolutas are all significantly ahead of the competition. The big two has become the big three, and nothing else that I have heard comes close."   Read the full article here.

5th May 2019|