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Shunyata Research at LOTUS

New for Summer 2019 at Lotus, we are excited to add Shunyata mains products to our portfolio. We like Shunyata's dedication to UK mains application and in particular their dedicated UK 3 pin plug. The Denali mains districution block is something quite special as is the Venom UK 6 block at a more modest pricepoint. We also like the people behind Shunyata UK who are driven, professional and very much on the pulse. Commercial viability, aftersales, support and availability is always as important as out and out sonics. We tested the Alpha, Delta and [...]

3rd September 2019|

Summer 2019 News

It's actually been a year or so since our last news, we try not to bombard our subscribers and customers can see plenty of our regular feeds on Instagram and facebook, but there is now a fair amount to tell in a more formal address so here goes. Read the full Lotus Summer 2019 newsletter here

1st September 2019|

Munich 2019 – Vimberg / Tidal / Vitus / Dohmann

Munich 2019 begins this week and will be notable for Lotus with a number of significant launches. First up Vimberg out of the Tidal factory will launch the new entry level standmount the "Amea". The Amea will follow the incredible standard set by the Tonda and Mino floorstanders and offer a benchmark performance level in a compact form factor at around the mid teens in terms of pricing. Obviously you can expect Vimberg's exceptional clarity, resolution and absolute invisibility and not one gram of unaturalness or 'hifi effect'. We can't wait for these. Staying in Hurth in [...]

5th May 2019|

AudioBeat / Tidal La Assoluta

Roy Gregory at the Audiobeat has published a fascinating article and report on the Tidal flagship La Assoluta loudspeaker.   "The world isn’t exactly short of absurdly expensive speaker systems (and these three are actually far from the priciest), but the WAMM MC, Vox Olympian, and now the Tidal La Assolutas are all significantly ahead of the competition. The big two has become the big three, and nothing else that I have heard comes close."   Read the full article here.

5th May 2019|

The making of Vimberg

Jeff Fritz of Soundstage Ultra is pleased as punch "downsizing" into a set of Vimberg Tonda. In a related article over there on the Soundstage website he compared them extremely favourably to the Wilson Alexia at over twice the price ! More interesting though is perhaps this new article on the making of a Vimberg. Full text and pictuers can be found here. Do I think the Vimberg Tonda would be a proper upgrade path for you? I do, actually. I’ve heard the Alexia a number of times at shows and it has some strengths, dynamics [...]

3rd April 2019|

First UK VIMBERG delivery

I am extremely proud to document the first ever UK delivery of a pair of gorgeous Vimberg speakers, the new offshoot brand from the Ultra highend German company “Tidal Audio”. Available at Lotus Hifi as of now, the Vimberg Mino, starting at £23,000 for the ceramic tweeter version, will provide over 95% of the clarity, purity, transparency and sheer invisibility that we know and expect from a Tidal loudspeaker, but at less than 50% of the price. A huge sound and simply so much speaker for the money. The highest levels of openess and transparency but, like a Tidal, [...]

2nd January 2019|

TIDAL Akira review from “Stereophile”

"The Akiras are the best-looking, best-built, best-sounding speakers I have had in my listening room" "The sheer resolution of the Akiras continued to astonish me throughout my auditioning. And the thunderous bass chords indeed sounded . . . thunderous. It was the Akiras' ability to separate the threads within each recording that impressed me—they simply stepped out of the way of the music making." "As beautiful as are the Akira's external finish and appearance, its interior revealed superb attention to details of construction and design that most purchasers will never be aware of."   John Atkinson, Stereophile   Jon Atkinson has [...]

12th November 2018|

VIMBERG & TIDAL – Rocky Mountain 2018

"Let’s say Bugatti decided that it wanted to build a car that sold for $29,000 USD, and this car would also look, smell, feel, and drive like a $215,000 USD Bugatti. Albeit some minor engineering and production compromises would have to be made, but overall — the experience and emotions it would produce would be almost identical. That is what TIDAL Audio founder Jörn Janczak has just done with the development of his new VIMBERG company. " Eric Shook has written a very nice preview of the new Vimberg line of loudspeakers from the Rocky Mountain Audio festival. Read the [...]

27th October 2018|

Exciting times for ALLNIC

In the last few years it's maybe fair to say that we have seen a small contraction of users opting for valve equipment. That said, many of Lotus's oldest customers have Allnic systems and their staunch support and zest for the South Korean brand and vacuum tubes in general has if anything grown even stronger. Allnic is a brand which has always sold in very solid steady numbers here and the equipment simply sells itself once people are put in front of it. People often sample the brand by way of one of their phonostages or an integrated amp but [...]

1st September 2018|

Vitus launches the RD101 DAC/Streamer

Now on demo here at Lotus, the much loved outgoing Vitus RD-100 Dac/Preamp has been extensively upgraded to the RD-101. Regular followers of Vitus Audio will know that the factory does not do small reworks and the new RD here is no expception. The new 101 is now a pure DAC with no linestage built in. This makes it a much more suitable partner for the hugely popular RI-101 and SIA-025 integrated amps. As well as a whole host of improvements to the DAC, power supply and output stage this unit now sports the all new Vitus [...]

1st August 2018|