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LOTUS / TIDAL @ The Indulgence Show

Just a quick note to inform customers that I will be in attendance at the INDULGENCE show fri/sat/sun 29th Sept to 1st October at the Novotel in Hammersmith West London. Lotus will be situated at the stand of UK distributors Kog Audio immediately through the opening ground floor doors just past the show entrance. We will have a static display of Tidal Audio equipment including the new Velvetec loudspeaker finish and the new Camira DAC. Alongside this will be some goodies from Vitus Audio as well as other Kog brands. The Indulgence show made it's very successful [...]

23rd September 2017|

LOTUS 2017 Summer newsletter

New Premises Earlier this year we finally moved into new premises. Just a stones throw from our previous spot, we are now located in the tranquility and security of the Ashley Park gated estate in Walton on Thames, 5 minutes from the A3 / M25 and under 30 minutes to Heathrow and central London. The demo room was given a swift makeover and is now chock full as you can imagine. It begins life at a fairly respectable starting size but early 2018 we expect to begin works to increase its dimensions by a further 150 square feet. As [...]

23rd June 2017|


Munich Highend show 2017, room F121, Tidal Audio showed a £700,000+ flagship system utilising the state of the art La Assoluta diamond woofer Floorstanders. The sound went from sublime to exceptional over the course of the 5 days and when open to the public, the room was literally flooded with eager listeners. Customers, onlookers, reviewers and bloggers alike seemed hugely impressed and enjoyed what was surely one of the biggest highlights of the entire show and a unique expression of the absolute frontier of Home Audio this present day. We will have to wait just a little longer to see [...]

22nd May 2017|

TIDAL AUDIO – “Best of Show” AXPONA 2017

Tidal Audio have made a huge impression at North America's biggest show AXPONA 2017. Up against rooms containing some of the finest Audio Equipment in the world, Doug White's Tidal Audio system (consisting of Precensio Preamplifier and Phono, Impulse monobloc amplifiers and Akira floorstanding loudspeakers) has received a host of awards from various magazines. The Absolute Sound awarded the Tidal room two of the highest accolades including "Best of show". "...This fabulous system came closest to what I hear at home from the various LPs I brought to the show: gorgeous color, very deep well-defined bass, no added edge [...]

1st May 2017|

TIDAL AUDIO – Awards, Launches & Munich Highend 2017

Lots of news from Köln in Germany. First up, this year at the Munich Highend show (18th - 21st may) Tidal Audio are doing something rather special. For the first and only time, they will be demonstrating a pair of the mighty LA ASSOLUTA diamond woofer loudspeakers. This event will be invitation only to maximise the experience for those people who have a genuine interest in the brand so please do get in touch if that's you and we've not sent you an invite already. Also for Munich 2017, Tidal will be releasing a fairly generous round of exciting new [...]

20th April 2017|

Highfidelity Cables – Reveal line on DEMO

Rick Schultz's latest line of cables are now on demo in the UK exclusively at Lotus Hifi. The new Highfidelity Cables "Reveal" product line is an attempt to shake up the £/Performance ratio of the lower end of the marketplace and bring the benefits of magnetic conduction to a wider audience at a significantly lower pricepoint than the original mult-award winning CT1 product. Some dealers are reporting that the Reveal line sounds almost as good if not slightly better than the Ct1 which is quite some statement. We feel this new range has been really nicely [...]

6th April 2017|

Allnic Audio – New products for 2017

Kang Su Park and all the team at Allnic Audio in Korea have been busy bees over the past 12 months. For 2017 we have a whole raft of exciting new products to bring you. First up is the 25th Anniversary edition of the popular T2000 Integrated amplifier. Now the T2000 has always been a good seller here at Lotus. We had Kevin Fiske review it last year for Hifiwigwam and he pretty much fell in love with it there and then and customers have been esepcially enjoying it shod with teh new KT150 tube. Well the 25th Anniversary model [...]

29th March 2017|

Alluxity Comes to LOTUS

I am very excited to announce that after extensive trials and some very impressive experiences in my demo room I have added Alluxity to the Lotus Portfolio. Alluxity is the brainchild of Alexander Morgensen, son of Hans Ole Vitus and is manufactured under the same roof as Vitus Audio. Given our huge success with this Danish brand over the last 3 years Alluxity was always a natural choice for us and coming from the Vitus family one would only expect the highest levels of sound, build quality, craftsmanship and reliability. What you might not expect however is a [...]

9th March 2017|


Say hello to Entreq's "mini Posiedon", the Tellus II. This is Entreq's latest grounding box aimed at the more affordable end of the spectrum and designed to offer some value for those wishing to ground a significant portion of their system with one simple unit. The Tellus II, like the bigger Poseidon, consists of three completely separate and isolated ground points so is ideal to ground your speaker outputs as well as two other items (negative speaker terminals must not be grounded into the same array, please see my Poseidon blog or the Entreq website for further clarification). The outer [...]

23rd February 2017|


The next genertion of Melco is here. All three models of the market leading server/streamers have been revamped with a completely new Player/Renderer, a dedicated USB port for UAC2 compatable DACs, redesigned power supplies and some improved internal wiring and hardware. The N1A H60 Mk2 now has 6Tb of storage instead of 4Tb and the N1Z S20 Mk2 now has twice the capacity, 2Tb of Buffalo second generation Audio Grade SSD drives. Cosmetically all models remain the same except they now have a screen printed logo instead of a stick on badge plus new isolation feet. Although we [...]

19th February 2017|