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Alluxity Comes to LOTUS

I am very excited to announce that after extensive trials and some very impressive experiences in my demo room I have added Alluxity to the Lotus Portfolio. Alluxity is the brainchild of Alexander Morgensen, son of Hans Ole Vitus and is manufactured under the same roof as Vitus Audio. Given our huge success with this Danish brand over the last 3 years Alluxity was always a natural choice for us and coming from the Vitus family one would only expect the highest levels of sound, build quality, craftsmanship and reliability. What you might not expect however is a [...]

9th March 2017|


Say hello to Entreq's "mini Posiedon", the Tellus II. This is Entreq's latest grounding box aimed at the more affordable end of the spectrum and designed to offer some value for those wishing to ground a significant portion of their system with one simple unit. The Tellus II, like the bigger Poseidon, consists of three completely separate and isolated ground points so is ideal to ground your speaker outputs as well as two other items (negative speaker terminals must not be grounded into the same array, please see my Poseidon blog or the Entreq website for further clarification). The outer [...]

23rd February 2017|


The next genertion of Melco is here. All three models of the market leading server/streamers have been revamped with a completely new Player/Renderer, a dedicated USB port for UAC2 compatable DACs, redesigned power supplies and some improved internal wiring and hardware. The N1A H60 Mk2 now has 6Tb of storage instead of 4Tb and the N1Z S20 Mk2 now has twice the capacity, 2Tb of Buffalo second generation Audio Grade SSD drives. Cosmetically all models remain the same except they now have a screen printed logo instead of a stick on badge plus new isolation feet. Although we [...]

19th February 2017|


David Robinson of Positive Feedback has published a very comprehensive report on his 4 month experience with a Tidal Presencio/Impulse Mono/Agoria system. This was a system review of some effort and magnitude, made possible by the skill and industriousness of Doug White who retails Tidal Audio in the USA. Judging by the text, the Tidal system certainly did the business and proved itself as true first rank performer of the very highest order. Read the full article here. "TIDAL has produced a system of supreme elegance, with fit and finish that I've not seen bettered by any [...]

15th January 2017|


Lotus wishes everyone a fab Christmas break and a peaceful and properous New Year. See you in 2017 !

23rd December 2016|


Just into the UK after the USA launch is the low cost Highfidelity Cables CT1 'REVEAL' RCA interconnect. This is Rick Schultz's latest product and his attempt at shaking up the sub £1000 cable market. What he has set out to do is make an interconnect that is startlingly inexpensive compared to its peers. From the outside it looks as though some new materials and construction methodology has been implemented to create a magnetic conduction interconnect at more palatable raw manufacturing cost. The original CT1 line of interconnects employ a very complicated RCA plug and this new REVEAL cable seems [...]

16th December 2016|


An interesting product launch for existing Entreq users. The innovative company from Sweeden have now developed K2 and Everest end caps for your grounding boxes. These are priced at £150 and £200 each respectively. They replace the regular end caps on your grounding boxes and the upgrade in transparency, clarity and noise floor is quite startling for such a simple and inexpensive product. If you currently ground your speaker terminals then their effect is even more impressive. To give you an idea, Entreq say that a basic Minimus with a K2 or Everest will outperform a [...]

20th September 2016|


At the Munich Highend show 2016, the all new SS-103 signature stereo power amp from Vitus was certainly getting plenty of attention. This is a further development of the SS-102 which itself started life as the venerable SS-101 over 10 years ago now. The SS-103 incorporates trickle down technology and improvements from the £71,000 Masterpiece stereo amp and also has a few firsts up its sleeve as far as Vitus amplification goes. The most important of these is the addition of a switchable mode which can be set to either 'Classic Vitus' for the rich, refined delivery [...]

16th May 2016|


I am hugely excited to bring you something completely unique and exclusive to UK shores, the culmination of several years of meticulous planning and negotiation, a fortuitous 'aligning of the planets' and certainly the single largest investment LOTUS HIFI has ever made. From Koln in Germany, I present  the exquisite, impassioned, profound world of Jörn Janczak - an industry Holy Grail, my own personal sonic reference, a brand which I have coveted for many many years. In partnership with distributors Kog Audio, I am immensely proud to announce LOTUS HIFI as the exclusive sole retailer in the [...]

4th May 2016|


Hi guys, just to announce that Vitus's slot in DAC module for the multi-award winning RI-100 integated amp is finally here. Myself and UK importers Kog Audio are quite frankly astonished by the level of performance we are getting from this thing. The DAC module essentally turns the RI-100 integrated into a fully fledged control centre ... just add speakers for a truly incredible sound for this sort of pricepoint. The module costs just £2000 and slots into your RI-100 in a simple 15 minute install. It has four digital inputs - USB (dsd64), spdif & Aes (24/192), Toslink - [...]

20th April 2016|