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Before the year is out I wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and give a neat roundup of what's been going on here over the course of 2015. First of all, many thanks to all of you, both new and regular customers for your continued support. Through your business I have been able to expand here at an unprecedented rate and next year will witness the single biggest metamorphosis that Lotus Hifi has ever undergone. Read on on for details. 2016 & THE MYSTERY BRAND It's been a long time in [...]

15th December 2015|


Entreq are on fire ! Their unique system grounding has taken off like crazy in the UK. Back in Sweeden they have not been resting on their laurels however but developing their technologies to new and unchartered depths. In my blog read about the New Athena Rack system, Amplifier speaker grounding and the Poseidon and Olympus series and about two other new devices, Optimus and Receivus.

9th October 2015|

Introducing the VITUS RCD-101 CD/Dac

The SACD/DSD ready RCD-101 packs a huge punch at £7990. This is one of the newest, most modern and up to date products from Vitus and more CD player/Dac than most people will ever need. Incredible performance and as ever, designed for long term musical satisfaction with the alluring and intoxicating sound that this Danish highend brand is known for the world over. If you are looking for flagship digital source up to about £15,000 then the RCD commands your immediate investigation. Read all the inside details on my Vitus Audio blog.

13th September 2015|

LIFE AFTER NAIM ? A guide to moving to Vitus Audio

This has been a long time coming and hopefully it will save a lot of weekly repetition on the telephone ! A comprehensive guide about upgrading from a Naim system to VITUS AUDIO, something that I have done for dozens of customers in the first year of dealership with this wonderful Danish Highend brand. Read up about why it's such an effective and successful movement for Naim owners looking for something more. Read up on the wallet-friendly financial side, the logistics and cable/speaker tips, and what delights you can expect to take place in your living room if you do [...]

18th August 2015|

The Amazing EXOGAL Comet DAC comes to Lotus

This amazing little budget DAC (£2100 and from the original Wadia people) so impressed me that I had to stock it here for my customers. With a good transport or an Aurender plugged in, it gets suprisingly close to our £10,000+ setups. Read all the rave reviews of this exciting new product on the marketplace. Simply call for a home loan or demo. Pricing and details here. "This is a combination that can stand shoulder to shoulder with digital’s giants like complete multi-box players from dCS, CH Precision, Esoteric, Metronome, and Nagra." Alan Sircom, Hifi+

9th August 2015|

HIFI Pig reviews the Allnic £4995 T1500 300b integrated

A very high score for the Allnic SET integrated amp over at Hifi Pig. "Overall spec on paper might not be mouthwatering, but the performance certainly was. With a name that could come from America the Allnic had muscle and grunt that could well originate from the new world. This product was priced well to provides great competition to any valve amplifier made anywhere. Playing Tolga Kashif’s ‘The Queen Symphony’ track 3 cello and violin solos gave realism and naturalness in a way that many amplifiers cannot do whilst being fed from a DAC." Read the full review here

5th August 2015|

HIFIWIGWAM reviews the £6500 Allnic T2000 integrated amp

A fabulous review of the KT150 shod allnic push pull integrated by kevin Fiske. Kevin writes "The Allnic T2000 integrated push-pull tube amplifier has been a real breath of fresh air. It is one of only a very few products I’ve had here for audition in the last two years that has not given me a single moment of anxiety ..... (I) award it an unreserved and very enthusiastic recommendation. It is a real belter of a product." Read the full review here

2nd August 2015|

Long awaited Allnic speaker cables arrive in the UK

The hotly anticipated Allnic Speaker cables arrive in the UK. Introducing the mid range ZL-3000 with some very unique manufacturing specs. Kang Su Park never follows the crowd ! I gather the welding machine he is using to make these wires can only be operated at night as it takes down half the grid at Gangam. We will be trialling these cables ourselves and also beta testing them with various customers who run full Allnic systems. Stand by for prices and a full launch.

24th July 2015|

Aurender launch the N10 music server

The N10 replaces the recently discontinued S10 in the Aurender range. Featuring a vast array of digital outputs, 4TB internal storage, 240gb solid state cache for playback and the first and only device to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA, the N10 sits just below the flagship W20 which was recently compared favourably by Chris Thomas to the £25,000 DCS Vivaldi transport. Here at Lotus I have had amazing success with the little X100 so far, for me the first streamer to convincingly produce a completely natural, non-mechanical sound to rival a top end transport from the [...]

6th June 2015|

Allnic AUT2000 setp up in HIFI+

A very nice review in Hifi plus magazine for the little Allnic AUT-2000 step up transformer. A big upgrade for most phonostages. "The AUT‑2000 lets both cartridge and phono stage do their respective jobs without getting in the way, and the more you listen, the more you realise just how important that ‘do no harm’ approach really is." Product details here.

26th April 2015|