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Long awaited Allnic speaker cables arrive in the UK

The hotly anticipated Allnic Speaker cables arrive in the UK. Introducing the mid range ZL-3000 with some very unique manufacturing specs. Kang Su Park never follows the crowd ! I gather the welding machine he is using to make these wires can only be operated at night as it takes down half the grid at Gangam. We will be trialling these cables ourselves and also beta testing them with various customers who run full Allnic systems. Stand by for prices and a full launch.

24th July 2015|

Aurender launch the N10 music server

The N10 replaces the recently discontinued S10 in the Aurender range. Featuring a vast array of digital outputs, 4TB internal storage, 240gb solid state cache for playback and the first and only device to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA, the N10 sits just below the flagship W20 which was recently compared favourably by Chris Thomas to the £25,000 DCS Vivaldi transport. Here at Lotus I have had amazing success with the little X100 so far, for me the first streamer to convincingly produce a completely natural, non-mechanical sound to rival a top end transport from the [...]

6th June 2015|

Allnic AUT2000 setp up in HIFI+

A very nice review in Hifi plus magazine for the little Allnic AUT-2000 step up transformer. A big upgrade for most phonostages. "The AUT‑2000 lets both cartridge and phono stage do their respective jobs without getting in the way, and the more you listen, the more you realise just how important that ‘do no harm’ approach really is." Product details here.

26th April 2015|

Allnic T2000 with Tung Sol KT150

The £5995 T2000 push pull integrated amp was always a David amongst Goliaths but the amp has enough voltage headroom to run the exciting new Tung Sol KT150 tube and the result is nothing short of spectacular. A whopping sonic upgrade, this unit really is now quite staggering for the asking price. Wide open with great bass, a beautiful mid, Allnic's amazing way with space and just so full of life and realism. On demo and home loan exclusively at Lotus.

19th March 2015|

Vitus RD100/RS100 Review

This fabulous review from PartimeAudiophile deserves special mention. A wonderfully detailed exposition on all things Vitus and a lucid insight into the entry RD100 Dac/preamp and RS100 power amp models. Well written and well worth your time.

22nd February 2015|

Transfiguration Phoenix S reviewed

The £1995 Phoenix S moving coil has been given a great review by Jason kennedy in HiFi + "I get it now. I understand why Transfiguration does not need a website. When you make cartridges that are this good, the world will come to your door."

7th February 2015|

CT1-Ultimate speaker cables in the UK

Newly landed at LOTUS, Rick Schultz's new low resistance version of the HighFidelity Cables CT1-Ultimate speaker cables. Rick performs substantial burn in of these at the factory and so straight out of the box here they sounded fabulous. Now a very big jump up from the Enhanced version with incredible clarity, width, depth and naturalness, these are supremely low distortion. If you are looking for the ultimate in transparency, neutrality and naturalness then look no further.

3rd February 2015|


Multi award-winning STILLPOINT isolation products been a staple ingredient of the Lotus demo room for some time now and they have quickly become a no-brainer additional purchase for customers buying new Speakers and Electronics here. On home demos in pre-existing systems they are similarly giving a performance lift far far larger than their retail prices would suggest. Here at Lotus Stillpoints join Highfidelity Cables, Entreq and Pro Audio Bono to complete a very powerful collection of solutions for system dressing, support and enhancement and ultimately getting the very best from your equipment.

15th November 2014|