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The new VITUS RI-101 Integrated in depth

The previous Vitus RI-100 has been a firm favourite here at Lotus since the very first days we started with the brand back when there was only 2 or 3 other UK retailers and most people had never even heard the name of this obscure company from Denmark. We have been championing this multi award winning amp for nigh on 5 years now and it is the heart of many a Lotus based system still to this day providing year upon year of pleasure. All those years ago we also devised the Naim to Vitus philosophy and pathway. We pioneered [...]

28th October 2018|

The linn/naim to VITUS FAQ

In over 3 years of retailing Vitus Audio I have moved many Naim Audio owners over to the Danish brand as a complete system upgrade. Out of about 5 or 6 dozen Naim to Vitus customers over the years, pretty much all of them still have the Vitus we sold them and it continues to deliver long term fuss-free listening pleasure. This then is now a very well trodden path and one that has produced many deeply satisfied customers who came to Lotus looking for an upgrade and/or system simplification. When I wrote my original Naim to Vitus guide back [...]

20th March 2017|


Budget isn’t really a word you immediately associate with Lotus. When I started out on my journey back in 2010 I wanted to deliver a very natural "non-hifi" sound with little compromise. The simple fact is that to meet my minimum level of expectation there are no real shortcuts. That said, the lower end of the marketplace is evolving very very fast and its also a challenging area to operate in so over the next couple of years, I will be turning a little more of my attention to the smaller budget and trying to offer more in this sector. [...]

20th June 2016|

THE ALL NEW RCD-101 CD/DAC, £7,990

The RCD-101 is one of Vitus newest units to the market which replaces the outgoing RCD-100 cd player. In true Vitus fashion, they have really gone to town on the update, leaving no stone unturned and going in and improving every single aspect of the design. So comprehensive was the final set of revisions that the RCD-101 not only trounces the older 100 model into a cocked hat, but it is also sonically superior to the previous Siganture class cd/dac the SCD-010 which I believe used to retail for around the £15,000 mark. Both the RCD-100 and SCD-010 were [...]

13th September 2015|


Like many people I started my Hifi journey with Naim back in the late 1980's. A 62/140 which later saw the addition of a hicap, a 250 and then a move to SBL's and a CDi. Its my belief that everyone should try a Naim system at some point. The chaps from Salisbury have a very singular approach, a very unique house sound and whatever finer points devotees and detractors may argue over, one thing is for sure and that's the Naim sound involves you, gets the foot tapping and keeps you interested. The other obvious thing is that [...]

18th August 2015|


The MP-D201 is Vitus's flagship top of the line digital device. What does it have in store over its lower priced SCD-025 brethren and can it justify the £24k asking price ? My initial relationship with this handsome device has been a deeply satistying one. I predominantly listened to the MP in a highly revealing system .... Vitus Signature amps or Allnic pre and power, Avalon Transcendent through to Diamond, the best Enhanced and Ultimate wires available from High Fidelity cables and Entreq mains ancilliaries. The Masterpiece DAC essentially builds upon everything that the SCD-025 does [...]

6th September 2014|


VITUS RCD-101 CD player/DAC £7990 The eagerly awaited RCD-101 reference CD player is now available to demo and purchase. Compared to the model it replaces (the RCD-100) this CD player/DAC has had a very extensive rework including DSD/SACD compatability, a brand new & highly modified sony drive, a better power supply and a much improved dac section. This is now pretty much on par with the RD-100 sonically and amazingly, as good as the old Signature class SCD-0101 (which eventually was developed into the current SCD-025). The UK distributers have decided to offer this new improved RCD-101 for [...]

3rd September 2014|

SCD-025 The world’s finest single box CDP ?

As the months roll on and I spend more and more time with the entry RD-100 preamp/DAC, it continues to impress. There is a fine linestage in that unit but the DAC is seriously top draw. It falls short of a few of the 'ultra' Dacs which have passed through these walls of course (Zanden, Metronome, Trinity ...) but then that's hardly surprising given the modest price compared to those units. Back in sensible money league though it is possibly more than most people would ever want and I personally could live with one for good if pressed. Many [...]

6th July 2014|

Ultra Highend in one box, the SIA-025 Integrated

All the pieces i've talked about so far have been nothing less than utterly convincing in my trials but if I had to nominate one Vitus product as the all time showstopper then the no holds barred £18,500 SIA-025 would definitely be it. Forget about the word 'integrated', ignore the single box, ignore the modest 25W power rating and also turn a blind eye to the price tag as well; here is an amplifier that will mingle with the very best, a single chassis that gives absolutely nothing away to pre and power, a level of performance that [...]

3rd April 2014|

The RI-100 Integrated in detail

Before we get onto the big players of the Class A 'Signature Series' range, we must turn our attention to arguably the star of the reference range and that is the RI-100, 300 watts per channel Integrated amp. This £9500 beast has already picked up a whole stack of awards and is surely a classic in the making, one of those extraordinary products that is virtually peerless at it's pricepoint and gives such gobsmacking performance that you question why there is any point ever spending any more in this great hobby of ours or indeed making life any more [...]

13th March 2014|