I am very excited to announce that Lotus Hifi has been appointed UK dealer for both Döhmann Turntables and Spiral Groove. This marks the fruition of a longstanding plan to offer a comprehensive but also completely unique and exciting choice for UK customers wishing to demonstrate and purchase a true Highend deck in the £7000-£50,000 price bracket. From the direct drive, giant-killing Bardo to the belt driven Brinkmann Balance, the Spiral Groove Revolution and venerable SG1.2 through to the engineering masterpieces that are the Döhmann Helix 1 and 2, customers can now experience a wide range of the world’s very best turntables all under one roof, and of course sample them through world class Phono preamps from Allnic, Vitus and Tidal Audio.

Mark Döhmann has an impressive CV as a turntable designer that stretches back to 1982. You may know him from the £120,000 Continuum Caliburn which he designed around 10 years ago now. That particular deck set the industry alight at the time and offered a new perfomance benchmark for Vinyl reproduction.

In 2010 Mark left the industry to pursue projects in bionic engineering but sometime in 2014, under the stewardship of Rumen Artaski of the Audio Union company, he was enlisted to spearhead a new statement turntable project, accompanied by other key leaders in their fields of expertise, notably Tonearm designer Frank Schröder, Allen Perkins designer of the multi award winning Spiral Groove SG1 turntable bearing and Dr. David Platus, founder of Minus K technologies, world leaders in the field of vibration isolation for applications as diverse as Microscopy, Spacecraft ground testing and Neuroscience.

The result of this collaboration of some of the best minds in their respective industries is the Helix 1 turntable. This product is an ingenious amalgamation of various complex technologies all designed to bring about the highest benchmark in noise suppression and isolation. Audio Union believe that the Helix 1 delivers the lowest resonance profile for any pickup arm and LP combination and sets a new standard in fidelity to master tape and reduction of background noise.

Following on from the dual arm Helix 1, the team set about offering the deck in a more real estate friendly package and at a substantially lower cost. Whilst the 1 offers superb value for money relative to the marketplace and other ‘super-decks’ against which it was benchmarked and developed, the compact footprint single tonearm Helix 2 is now offered at a substantially lower cost with a minimal drop in performance.

Anyone who keeps half an eye open on the world of Highend Vinyl will probably need no introduction to Spiral Groove. Launched in 2007 the original SG1 quickly established itself as one of the very best performing decks at any price.

Fast forward to 2017 and what Allen Perkins and his team now offer is a an improved SG1.2 with a new platter design, revised feet and various weight saving measures and also a brand new more affordable deck in the shape of the recently launched Revolution.

Fast, dynamic with standout rhythmical ability and drive, resolution levels of the highest ever seen in turntable design, the Spiral Groove is a musical device that performs comfortably at the six figure price category but sells at just a fraction of those sorts of numbers.

As always, the beautiful Brinkmann decks from Germany will remain just as important at Lotus as they always were. The Bardo and Oasis can be obtained for under £10,000 and their direct drive form factor guarantees the highest standards in immediacy, pitch stability and precision. The multi-tonearm Spyder represents Helmut Brinkmann’s first rung on the belt drive ladder and the all-conquering flagship Balance with RONT-II vacuum tube power supply his majestic jewel in the crown.

I look forward to sharing this fantastic range of Highend Turntables with customers in the near future. As ever, simply email or pick up the phone if there are any queries.

Brinkmann Balance @ Lotus Hifi