Project Description

AllNIC A2000 h Anniversary AMPLIFIER, £7000

The Allnic Audio A-2000 25th Anniversary is a 100 watt (pentode) push-pull, stereo power amplifier. Like its integrated amplifier brother, the T-2000, the A-2000 25th Anniversary is pentode/triode switchable “on-the-fly”, providing more than 50 watts in SET sounding triode mode. The A-2000 25th Anniversary offers stable, resolute power in the proverbial velvet glove, along with amazing, revelatory clarity, incredible dynamics and drive, articulate and powerful bass, and standard setting low noise and distortion.

Key features of the Allnic A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo power amplifier :

100 watts of high power output in pentode mode
More than 50 watts of “SET like” power output in triode mode
“On-the-fly” pentode/triode switching
Analogue power tube current monitoring meters
Exceptionally easy bias controls
“Soft-start” circuitry
Individual fuse protection for power tubes
One pair of RCA inputs and one pair of XLR inputs
4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order)

The A-2000 25th Anniversary stereo power amplifier offers stability, power and finesse, and incredible bass, dynamics and resolution in a reliable, easy to maintain, flexible and beautiful package. Used with other Allnic Audio components, the A-2000 25th Anniversary will give you state of the art performance and a lifetime of musical satisfaction.


• Output Power : 100w (8Ω load, at 1KHz)
• Distortion : 0.17% at 1KHzat 10w
• Frequency Response : 20Hz-20KHz Flat
• S/N Ratio : -80dB(CCIR, 1KHz)
• Damping Factor : 8at 8Ω load at 1KHz
• Voltage gain : +26dB
• Input Impedance : 100KΩ(single-ended,unbalanced)
• Input Sensitivity : 1.3V for ratedpower
• Fuses : 0.5A, 250V, 20mmslow-blow (KT150’s) 5A, 250V,20mmslow-blow(IEC Mains)
• Tubes (per chassis) : KT150 X 4(power triode), E282F X 4 (second stagedrivers), 6AK6 X 2 (first stage driver)
• Dimensions : (WxDxH)430mm(16.93 inches) x 430mm(16.93inches) x 240mm (9.45 inches)
• Weight : 40kg(88.2 lbs)