Project Description


“A new paradigm on the original foundation of audio reproduction – the direct heated triode (DHT). The Allnic A5000DHT monoblock amplifier has only DHT vacuum tubes in the signal path. What does pure DHT mean for a power amplifier? Silent backgrounds; unmatched clarity, detail, speed, decay and harmonic resolution, immersive and layered sound-staging with incredible air around instruments and voices, “you are there” sound-staging, clarity and presence, accurate natural tone and timbre. Wattage means little, the A5000 DHT produces unbelievable drive from a single 300B. Simply, like all the 5000 series products, the Allnic A5000DHT will produce as much faithfulness to the source as the rest of your system can provide.”

  • 10 watts, high power output
  • Direct wired – no circuit boards
  • Sophisticated ratio, mixed nickel Permalloy PB cored output transformers
  • Low distortion, high output “fixed bias”
  • Easy bias adjustment
  • Analogue power tube current monitor meter
  • RCA and balanced inputs
  • 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 ohm by pre-order)

In the early years of the last century, the directly heated triode (DHT) was invented independently, and almost simultaneously, in the USA and Austria. This simple device, an anode, a cathode and a grid in a vacuum contained in a glass bottle , transformed the world. Over one hundred years later, the very first triode remains a favourite audio amplification device for devoted music lovers worldwide.

Debate about the quality of the DHT’ s sound reproduction potential continues even today. One of the interesting aspects of these debates is the degree to which they ignore analysis of common, fundamental assumptions about DHTs. Those assumptions are based on many decades of circuit and mechanical experimentation and compromise. Indeed, because of the difficulty of using DHTs for audio , many circuit design issues have evolved into assumptions about the audio characteristics of DHTs themselves.

Allnic’s Mr. Kang Su Park has spent a lifetime studying and designing circuits and transformers for use of DHTs in audio reproduction. Mr. Park has questioned basic assumptions about DHTs, reexamined variations of DHT circuit designs, and researched and experimented rigorously. His work has resulted in some remarkable audio power amplification devices. For example, Allnic’s 300B amplifiers produce significantly more power than normally expected . They do this without shortening tube life because the power increase is not achieved by increased bias. In conjunction with an increase in power, Mr. Park’s 300B amplifiers also have exceptional ly low distortion and wide bandwidth.

Mr. Park successfully combined elements of what he learned and invented over decades to the development and production of a pure, direct heated triode (DHT) based amplifier and preamplifier : the A – 5000 and L – 5000, respectively. The main breakthrough was the design of a circuit, valve and transformer combination with astounding measured results . The purity of its square wave reproduction – as perfect as anything he had ever seen from a DHT valve amplification circuit – had him questioning what he was seeing ! Of course, he replicated these tests many times and recorded them and their results before assuring himself that there was no mistake.

With such an unprecedented superior outcome for the circuit design, Mr. Park could not be satisfied placing a DHT stage after one or two stages using indirectly heated triodes. That approach is used in a number of commercially available preamplifiers using DHTs, but it is a compromise. It does not result in PURE DHT amplification . It introduces the characteristics of indirectly heated triode sound into the circuit . The output DHTs are only amplifying a signal already determined by the initial stage indirectly heated triodes. In contrast, Mr. Park has created devices that use DHTs at each amplification stage. In his design, the output stage DHTs do not merely amplify the signal from indirectly heated triode stages. The A – 5000 DHT, L – 5000 DHT , and H – 5000 DHT amplifier, preamplifier and phono – preamplifier are pure DHT , from signal input to output; and now , Allnic has produced the D5000 DHT DAC with a pure DHT analogue output signal path.

“The Allnic A-5000 DHTs sounded absolutely huge: Their spaciousness and sense of scale impressed me right off. In that regard, the Allnics stand with the best amps I’ve heard.”
Art Dudley, Stereophile
“It’s a fine, fine amplifier, and its departure from my home won’t please me at all.”
Art Dudley, Stereophile
“The Allnic A-5000-DHT monoblocks certainly surprised us with their ability to drive Wilson Audio Sasha W/Ps.”
Audiobeat, Audiobeat