Project Description

AllNIC A6000 50W 300B MONO AMPLIFIER, £17,500

“Allnic’s A6000 monoblocks provide a massive 50 watts each of single-ended power output from four 300B tubes running in parallel. Even more power is available if you use 300B-XLS tubes; the A6000 is made to run 300B-XLS tubes at their optimum specification. The A6000 monoblocks use Allnic Audio’s unique approach to output tube drive, providing more power without overdriving tubes or reducing tube life.

The A-6000 does it all, micro-resolution and detail, airy layered soundstage, palpability, enormous power drive and dynamics AND with that pure, single-ended 300B vacuum tube magic.”

  • single tube input and first gain stage
  • transformer coupled
  • optimized for standard 300B (50 watts output) and 300B-XLS tubes (60 watts output)
  • sophisticated ratio, mixed nickel permalloy pb cored output transformers
  • low distortion, high output “fixed bias”
  • easy bias adjustment
  • indvidual power tube fuse protection
  • “soft-start” circuitry
  • analog power tube current monitor meters
  • RCA and XLR inputs
  • 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 ohm by pre-order)
  • pure class a operation
  • Absorb gel tube dampers
  • natural level of negative feedback (-6db) for reduced distortion, improved clarity and class-leading bass (zero negative feedback switch on request)
  • standard-setting build quality