Project Description

Alluxity Media One, £8900

The Media One is the perfect fuss free solution for digital music music, a true one stop solution that answers every question that a customer might ask.. No wires, no separate streamer or DAC, no hard drives or netwrok attached storage and no flakey tablet Apps with intermittent performance. One box, all your music on it, other digital inputs if needed and streaming services at the flick of a button. Just add an amplifier and speakers.

The Media one is housed in the same compact and hewn-from-granite chassis as the Alluxity amplifiers. It is built on the robust, unflappable ReQuest software that allows you to control not just your music collection but any connected Alluxity products with any type of smartphone or tablet directly from any web browser.

The Server features 2TB of internal storage to house all of your music. This can be further enlarged if more is required or an optional 2TB of SSD storage can be fitted at a cost of £1750 which affords the unit a fairly large performance benefit. The Media One can also stream using an existing NAS and can also be used by other devices as a NAS. With digital inputs it can also accept a transport, a feed from another streamer or digital outputs from sources like Bluray players and Satellite boxes. As if that wasn’t enough one can also stream radio channels, WiMP, Spotify etc, using

The onboard DAC (DSD256 + 32/384K) is of a very high quality and produces a truly wonderful sound. Analogue like, three dimensional and very fluid, music from the Media One seems to burst forward from the speakers with so much presence and shape. Highend digital music has never been so simple or compact.

x1 USB
X1 Toslink

x1 XLR
x1 RCA

43.5 x 10.5 x 31.5 cm
17.1 x 4.1 x 12.4 inch
13.8kg / 30.4 lb


The Media One features two separate linear power supplys, one for the Internal DAC and one for the motherboard and Alluxity MCU. The standard internal storage is 2x1TB 2.5” NAS HDD and the Media One supports playback of the high-resolution audio formats 44k 88k, 96k, 174k, 192k and 384K as well as up to DSD256. It plays DSD (64-256), DSF and DFF (all 4 rates are supported), WAV, FLAC, OGG and MP3.
Streaming is possible using that supports multiple radio channels, WiMP, Spotify etc. The Media One also contains a license for the ReQuest NetSync that allows the user to have multiple servers synced all around the world.
It’s available in both Black and White. A 2TB SSD version is also available with a significant performance boost.



Alluxity Media One Spec Sheet PDF

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