Project Description


Entreq passive grounding is a unique and powerful system enhancement that is not available anywhere else by any other manufacturer. The huge sonic improvement it offers simply cannot be replicated any other way. In simple terms, Entreq grounding lowers the noise floor by draining away stray pollutants from the system, offering high frequency/low current noise an easy simple-to-reach earth point.

By lowering the noise floor, almost every sonic property you can think of is granted a fairly startling improvement yet the essential character of the system remains unchanged. It’s my belief that one day soon, all good systems will be grounded and it will be viewed as an essential part of setup, much in the same way that good mains, decent interconnects or support + isolation are deemed as essentials when it comes to building a high quality low distortion system.

To ground the signal plane of your system you need an Entreq grounding box and Ertha cables to attach that box to your components. Entreq now produce two essential grounding box ranges, the Silver and the Olympus range. Both ranges come in the small minimus form factor (ideal for grounding single items away from the main system and very noisy items like routers that need to be kept isolated) and also in the large TELLUS form factor, suitable for grounding a large amount of system components and entreq interconnects/power accessories.

The Silver range was developed as an upgrade to the first ever grounding boxes with a new silver mineral mix. Both boxes can be further supercharged by connecting them to a Atlantis Minimus or Atlantis Tellus.

Silver minimus to ground 1 item
Silver Tellus to ground 8 items

More recently, the higher performing Olypmus range was developed with an even more advanced mineral mix. More detail and texture, more air and even more flow to the music:

Small form factor Olympus Minimus for grounding 2 items.
Poseidon (three Olympus Minimus in one box), ideal for grounding speaker outputs and 2 other items.
Olympus Tellus, Entreq’s flagship 46kg box with 7 grounding posts.

At Lotus we find that customers generally enter into the Entreq brand either at the Silver Tellus level or the Poseidon level. With a Silver Tellus and a bunch of cables one can ground the signal plane of most system components. This can be later supercharged with an Atlantis Tellus. For routers, far away items and some digital devices that are best kept isolated from the main Tellus, an additional Silver Minimus will do the trick.

That said, the Posiedon offers great value with a 3rd Olympus Minimus given away free of charge. Most customers with fairly high level systems are opting for this route. Grounding a couple of compenents and then also grounding the speaker outputs of the amplifier generally amounts to a much bigger sonic upgrade than even an Atlantis’d Silver Tellus for less money.

Customers on a larger budget and the free space are heading straight for the Olympus Tellus. The power of this beast upstages everything in its wake and the improvements made are fairly startling. Additional Olympus Minimus can be purchased to ground speaker outputs if necessary.

Silver Minimus – 1 ground point for 1 piece of equipment     £480
Atlantis Minimus – supercharge the Minimus, supplied with ground cable     £750
Tellus II – x2 Silver minimus, x1 Atlantis’d Minimus, ideal for speaker outputs     £1380
Silver Tellus – 4 ground points for 8 pieces of equipment     £1750
Atlantis Tellus – Supercharge your Existing Tellus, supplied with ground cable     £2300

Olympus 10 – Olympus tech in a minimus sized box     £1100
Olympus Minimus – The ultimate mini ground box     £1850

Posieden – x3 Olympus Minimus in one box, ideal for grounding speaker outputs     £3700
Olympus Tellus – The most powerful grounding box currently possible     £6600

Available in Oak or dark Oak.

K2 enhanced ground post – direct replacement of any wooden ground connection – £170
Everest enhanced ground post – the highest performing ground post – £240