Project Description

AllNIC H1202 PHONO PREAMP, £3250

The world of phono stages has changed much in the last 5 or 6 years. Revolutionary designs from the likes of Allnic and Vitus have mined newfangled possibilities and performance envelopes and shown us that there is so much more to come from our beloved Vinyl sources. Such is the rapid development of the phonostage revolution that the top end of this market sector now comes with a £40,000+ price tag. So much is won or lost here with the handling of this very delicate signal, the phono preamp is a crucial part of the chain and the net effect on the total system cannot be overestimated.

When you know what’s now possible you understand what a tragedy is is that so many owners of great Turntables are piping that precious signal through a “me too” phono preamp of yesteryear which is only a small fraction of the value of the deck. In fact, at Lotus we recommend that the phono stage budget should be close or equal to the budget of the complete turntable. In addition, one should sacrifice the tonearm and cartridge if necessary to book themselves a ticket into this new world of performance.

In November 2018, Allnic replaced its much love entry H1201 phonostage with a much improved model the H1202. The ’02 sports internal improvements across the board and a whole new vacuum tube power supply. The result is a big uplift in space, microdetail and dynamics compared to the older model. The H1201 has all the Allnic trademarks, not too valve-like in sound but with an empahsis on life, dynamics and naturalness and with a superb way of handling air, space and the layers of the music.

The former H1201 was always one our biggest selling pieces here at Lotus and was always a very cost effective way of bringing the Allnic sound into a customers living room and giving him a large slice of the magic of the amazing H1500II and H3000 phonostages. Like all Allnic products, it would trade blows in the marketplace with far more expensive competitors and although it didn’t really need improving relative to other similar products seen in the UK, Kang Su has done it again and taken this giant slayer one step further.

Build quality and finish is also up to the usual very high standard we have come to expect from Mr. KS Park. Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes.

We acquired 2000 NOS Mullard E180CC tubes for this project. A great tube to be used with the new H1201 and our new HPA5000 headphone amplifier. These are excellent stable tubes with great life expectancy and wonderful sound that Mullard tubes are capable of. The 4 tubes are mounted in Mr Park’s patented anti microphonic tube sockets. The unit has borrowed the H1500 and H3000 step up transformers allowing for additional 22, 26, 28 and 32dB of gain on top of the H1201’s 40dB. This means for moving coil users, 62, 66, 68 and 72dB gain is available.
“A giant Slayer” amongst sub $10,000 stages.”
Jack Roberts, Dagogo
“There’s just something intrinsically ‘right’ about the Allnic sound. It draws you in, and into the music. The sound is seductive, not in that lush way people naturally expect when they see valves in the circuit, but in a way that is so damn listenable you might lose yourself in vinyl the way we always used to before we all became so damn time poor.”
Alan Sircom, Hifi+
“The detail levels are immense … music was portrayed with great accuracy and insight, as if you could see into the studio with more clarity than many Big Name phono stages.”
Alan Sircom, Hifi+
“When it comes to the dynamic range, music dances off the grooves, with no sense of limitation or compression from the phono stage. The real joy of the H1201 is it doesn’t put a foot wrong.”
Alan Sircom, Hifi+
“In its own right, the Allnic H1201 is a remarkably good phono stage and – for many audiophiles – that represents an end point in and of itself. Howvere, if the H1201 is this good, imagine what the H3000 and H5000 must be like ?”
Alan Sircom, Hifi+