Project Description

AllNIC H7000 PHONO PREAMP, £12,500 (H3000V £14,000)

The world of phono stages has changed much in the last 5 or 6 years. Revolutionary designs from the likes of Allnic and Vitus have mined newfangled possibilities and performance envelopes and shown us that there is so much more to come from our beloved Vinyl sources. Such is the rapid development of the phonostage revolution that the top end of this market sector now comes with a £40,000+ price tag. So much is won or lost here with the handling of this very delicate signal, the phono preamp is a crucial part of the chain and the net effect on the total system cannot be overestimated.

When you know what’s now possible you understand what a tragedy is is that so many owners of great Turntables are piping that precious signal through a “me too” phono preamp of yesteryear which is only a small fraction of the value of the deck. In fact, at Lotus we recommend that the phono stage budget should be close or equal to the budget of the complete turntable. In addition, one should sacrifice the tonearm and cartridge if necessary to book themselves a ticket into this new world of performance.

In 2018 Allnic upgraded the venerable world class H3000 to the new H7000. This unit sports the 2017 Allnic chassis and cosmetic changes and a host of improved internals, most notably a tri-input facility with MM, MC and also an electronic step-up for ultra quiet MC operation.

Even if you are familiar with expensive highend phono preamps the H7000, in just the first few minutes, will likely be a startling and revelatory listening experience for you. Along with its older the brother the H3000 it is owned in beautiful systems right across the globe and has been extremely well reviewed with amazing comments by all and the choice of various reviewers and manufacturers as a reference (including Myles Astor from Positive Feedback, Harry Pearson and Steve Dobbins). The H7000 is the last Phono preamp you will ever need and you simply have to hear it to understand where it can take a vinyl setup and just how close it can take you to the music. My secondhand inventory is often littered with all sorts of highly respected and pricey phono preamps which have been traded in, and the H7000 is the main reason why.

The H7000 is Allnic’s biggest seller. KS Park has endeavoured to build one of the ‘Super’ components of all time. This hallmark musical device will endear your ownership for years. Highly crafted, employing all of Kang Su’s secret weapons, Permalloy output transformers, point to point wiring, tube rectification, multi gain step up transformers, resistive loading, 4 inputs, NOS tubes, CNC milled aluminum chassis, silicon filled tube sockets to combat pesky microphonics and the list goes on.

The H7000V builds on the regular model with adjustable RIAA equalisation so that you can correctly play your older records correctly such as DGG, Decca, EMI and Columbia.

Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes. Part exchange welcome, just get in touch for in-store and home demo.

  1. The up-grade model of legendary H-3000V, all transformer coupled LCR phono stage.
  2. World premier Three Inputs mode, this is a long wish of vinyl lovers, having tri inputs in one machine, head-amplifier(pre-pre or electronic step-up) input, traditional step-up transformer input and MM direct input(you can connect your favorite step-ups also).
  3. LCR Equalization. On the contrary to the traditional CR or NFB equalization of high impedance (hundred kilo ohms), LCR uses 600 ohms’ constant impedance, a big difference on frequency range and energetic operation.
  4. LCR Multi-curve Equalization. This is also world-premier, Allnic’s Multi-curve LCR unit has 4 turn-over(250Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz RIAA and 700Hz) and 4 Roll-off(-16dB, -13.7dB RIAA, -11dB and -5dB), this means you can enjoy playing any LP before RIAA standardization.
  5. In additional, the H-7000V features,
    – The H-7000V phono stage is all transformer coupled, no coupling capacitors.
    – Non negative feedback design with only two active gain stages.
    – For superior signal to noise ratio, the H-7000V is equipped with pure vacuum tube, high speed, automatic voltage regulation circuit for both channels and a power supply unit separate from the phono stage itself.
    – High quality wide frequency in-house MC step-up transformers are used for the H-7000V’s MC2 input.
    – Pure balanced operation
    – Pure class A operation
    – For main amplification, Allnic uses 4 pentode E810F tubes as in triode mode(please see its wonderful three factors, μ= 57, gm = 50,000 micro mho, and lowest resistance around 1 K ohms). This tremendously beautiful tube drives so well our 100%permalloy PC big output transformer at 20mA high current.
    – Our incorporated head-amplifier operates in so high S/N ratio, you can enjoy the darkest background during your vinyl playing.
“We are currently auditioning the Allnic H3000 Phono Stage. Allnic Audio is based out of South Korea and run by Mr. Kang Su Park, who also happens to design each and every product they offer. At first listen, this component knocked us flat. Straight up analog heaven.”
Harry Pearson, Positive Feedback
“This is another area where the H-3000 excels. It has lightening fast micro-dynamics and transients. When you combine this with the bass and mid-bass speed and power, plus its great dynamics, you get a phono preamp with exceptional PRaT. This is a phono preamp that draws you in and makes you tap your feet and everything else music does for me.”
Jack Roberts, Dagogo
“When I had a Steelhead, with all the right NOS tubes, the system sounded like good hi-fi, but lacked something that gave the system real life. The Allnic gave an immediacy to things that does not sound forced; while all the warmth and spatial stuff was there in great measure, everything was simply clearer, and in a way, less mechanical sounding; it was almost like the Steelhead was compressing things; tube rolling could change the character, but not the sense that there was a piece of equipment in the way of the sound. The change was unmistakably better musically in my system. “
Allnic Customer, Audiogon
“With the right recording, acoustic images just float behind your speakers, in a space unconstrained by your room’s physical dimensions. Within the right system, the aural holography the H-3000 enables is spectacular: if the recording venue’s acoustics were accurately captured, the H-3000 will reproduce them. If a realistic, three dimensional acoustic isn’t presented when the H-3000 is part of your system (assuming the recording contains the right acoustic cues), look elsewhere for the culprit. “
Mark Mickelson, Audiobeat