Project Description

AVALON INDRA 2 £35,000/£39,600

The INDRA 2 represents the culmination of 20 years of research and development in the areas of transient response , bandwith , noise floor and octave-to-octave energy balance. The result sets a new standard for realistic reproduction of the complete musical event. In 2015 this design was given a major rework and upgrade resilting in the mk2 specification. More transparency, a faster speaker than the previous model with greater bass response and improved dynamics.

Utilizing proprietary crossover technologies & drivers consisting of the lightest & most inert diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar and ceramic. Indra can instantly respond to the most musical passages. Revolutionary crossover damping networks virtually eliminate driver overhang and energy storage. Multiple layering and material usage in their legendary cabinet construction eliminates cabinet resonance allowing for a continuous musical flow like no other loudspeaker in its class.

More than just transparent and dynamic, INDRA 2 has the groundbreaking ability to recreate a holographic sound-field completely free of the loudspeaker cabinet and room boundaries. With its resistive & non reactive load the INDRA is both efficient & easily driven and will simply reveal the most subtle nuance and detail of the musical performance in a three-dimensional space.

The Indra can also be ordered as a “Diamond version” this special option includes a Diamond tweeter as well as the additional work required on the crossover. Retaining the trademark Avalon coherence, INDRA 2 will surprise listeners with its startling dynamic contrast & an astonishingly low noise floor.

Price: Indra 2 ceramic £35,000 (£40,500 premium finishes), Indra 2 diamond £39,600 (£45,000 premium finishes)

Driver Compliment :       1” Concave Ceramic Neodymium Tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Dome Midrange
(2) 7” Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone woofers
Sensitivity :                   88dB
Impedance :                 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response :   28 Hz to 25kHz
Amplifier Power:           50 to 200 watts
Dimensions :                41”(104cm) H x 10”(26cm) W x 16”(41cm) D
Weight :                       112 pounds (50.8kg) each
N.B. Reviews are for the now superceeded Indra 1 model

Avalon Indra, Stereophile
Avalon Indra, HiFi+ Magazine

The Indras certainly were Avalons—with recording after recording, I was transported into different venues, reveled in varying acoustics, and just plain grokked the music. The Indras were easy to listen to, inviting me to settle down and listen to entire CDs rather than cherry-pick favorite tracks and move on.
Wes Phillips, Stereophile
Just like the Isis, the thing that sets the Indra apart from other speakers is its ability to step aside from the music. It’s not just that you don’t hear the instruments lodged in the speakers (and you don’t, even on early stereo left-right mixes) – it’s that you cease to be aware of the speakers at all.
Roy Gregory, HiFi+ magazine