Project Description


How do you describe the indescribable? Surpassing all previous design conventions, ISIS represents the ultimate achievement in pinpoint accuracy from a full range high-energy transducer. Audio terms become almost meaningless in this award winning design that has already been recognized by the critics as “Revolutionary”, no other transducer is as complete in communicating the entire visceral and emotional impact of the musical event.

ISIS is the first full range loudspeaker in history to utilize proprietary neodymium magnetic technologies in all drive units, coupled to inert diaphragm materials of Nomex/Kevlar, Ceramic throughout with custom- smelted precious metal conductors. Multiple layering and material usage in there legendary cabinet construction eliminates the characteristic sonic signature of any “ single material” design.

Requiring only one wiring connection from a stereo or mono amplifier, the ISIS arrives fully assembled & tuned for optimum performance. Easily set up, this high efficiency transducer can be driven to thunderous crescendos with high quality solid state or tube output amplifiers.

A revolution in technology is only part of the magic. The proof is in the artistry of combining all of these elements into an elegant yet complex system that puts you in charge of your musical destination. ISIS will transport you to the recording studio or live performance of your choice, to a personal connection with the essence of music – where Time and Space become One.

Price: £96,250 (£102,400 premium finishes)

Driver Compliment :      1” Concave Diamond neodymium tweeter
7” Concave Ceramic Midrange
2 x 13” Nomex-Kevlar Composite Woofers
Sensitivity :                   90dB @ rated impedance
Impedance :                 4 ohms nominal (3.6 ohms minimum)
Frequency Response :   20Hz to 45Khz (+/- 1.5 dB, anechoic)
Amplifier Power :          75 to 750 Watts
Dimensions :                60” (154cm) H  14.5” (36.8cm) W  17” (43cm) D
Weight :                       210 pounds (95.5 Kgs) each
Their focus, transparency, resolution and lack of distortion are all without serious peer.
Roy Gregory, HiFi+