Project Description

AllNIC L1500 LINESTAGE, £5500

This is the extraordinary performing ALLNIC L1500 PREAMPLIFIER. Shared features trickled down from the L5000 and L3000 line stages include a 41 silver stepped motorized remote attenuator, custom Permalloy wound output transformers, remote control, NOS Mullard, GE and RCA tubes. To connect your components the L1500 sports both 2 XLR and 3 Single ended inputs and a XLR and SE output for Biamp applications. Phase reversal is also included on the rear panel. The transformer coupled design is more expensive to build than most capacitator coupled designs but you will appreciate the quietness and clean presentation with excellent focus with spooky sound staging capabilities. Truly high performance and not to be overlooked.

Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes.

  • 41 silver stepped, motorized remote controlled attenuator
  • Custom Permalloy wound output transformers
  • Aluminum block remote control
  • NOS Mullard, GE and RCA tubes
  • Multiple inputs: 2 XLR and 3 single ended
  • Dual outputs, XLR and SE for bi-amp applications
  • Pure Class A operation
  • Constant low output impedance
  • Microphonic noise reducing Absorb GEL tube sockets
  • Phase reversal switch on the rear panel

The transformer coupled design is more expensive to build than most capacitor coupled designs, but you will appreciate the quiet, clean presentation, excellent focus and spooky sound staging capabilities. Truly high end performance and not to be overlooked.

“Before the Allnic has even warmed up I’ve discovered something new in an old favourite. After 20 years of hearing their music on top quality hifi I really should be well beyond such revelations, but there it was, clear as day..My flab was aghast, my gob was smacked and I thought “this will be interesting when it warms up”. And so it proved.”
James Palmer, Dagogo
“Though there is a warm/mellow/golden character, the detail came through unadulterated. Usually, tube warmth means mushy, gooey, veiled and euphonic. The 1500 won’t be confused for a transistor preamp, but it can reproduce detail like a transistor design. I like detail, and the 1500 presents it like you hear it live. In person, you can hear detail, but it is natural and integrated into the music. The Allnic pulls it off, just like live music.”
Phillip Holmes, Dagogo
“The price for warmth is too often detail. The easy way to get detail is to present a bright lean sound. That sets the Allnic apart, more detail than I am used to without the fatigue caused by brightness, I’ve said this before about other kit, it’s something I really admire, but what I am saying here is the Allnic manages more of this than I get with my current (very good) set up. It’s a real sonic upgrade, not just a financial one.”
James Palmer, HifiWigwam
“The Allnic presents an amazingly high, wide and deep sound stage and enables the listener to see (or hear) into it. Almost all visitors I had over while I conducted some of my listening tests mentioned that the loudspeakers literally “disappeared. “
Inner Ear, Inner Ear