Project Description

AllNIC T1800 40W EL34 INTEGRATED, £6000

By popular demand Kang Su Park in his newest product, has given us a 40 wpc EL34 integrated amplifier with single ended and balanced inputs, pre-outs, remote and 4/8 ohm settings. This is another fabulous sounding integrated which seriously belies its pricetag. Art Dudley recently penned a review for Streophile and gave it huge amounts of praise.

  • Under multiple requests KS Park designed and manufactured our latest Integrated amplifier, the T1800. The T1800 is an EL34 powered push pull design boasting 40 WPC with remote, SE and XLR inputs with the custom Permalloy output transformers.
  • The seriously good sounding integrated amplifier fits in between the T1500 300B SET design and our potent KT150 T2000.
  • 2015 October Stereophile issue contains Art Dudley’s feedback of T1800
  • Contact your local dealer for delivery dates, available in Black and Silver.”
“Also in comparison with my Shindo separates, the Allnic integrated had the same abundance of natural textures and well-saturated timbral colors”
Art Dudley, Stereophile
“I suppose an EL34 amplifier is like a steak dinner, or a day spent fishing, or a drive in the country with the top down: To people who like those sorts of things, every single one is pretty good—but in each category, a few are better than most. And better than most is how I feel about the Allnic Audio Labs T-1800 integrated amplifier: It pressed every one of my EL34-loving buttons and never let up.”
Art Dudley, Stereophile