Project Description

BRINKMANN TAURUS, £11,495 (Intro price)

Launched at High End Munich 2019 earlier this year to much fanfare, the new Brinkmann Audio Taurus turntable takes the company’s sophisticated Direct Drive technology to the next level.

The new Taurus turntable  has been designed to accept up to two tonearms while the new chassis features a 40mm heavy duty ‘Duraluminum’ construction that aims to keep resonance and vibrational distortions away from the tonearm support (‘Resonance-optimised geometry’ in Brinkmann-speak). The tonearm changing system, which Brinkmann Audio calls a ‘Collar’ allows wide compatibility with 9-inch to 12-inch tonearms from just about any manufacturer.

In a move inspired by Brinkmann Audio’s “iconic” Balance turntable and its wired speed selection system, the new Taurus features wireless 33 rpm and 45 rpm speed selection via an engraved machined aluminium disc. The Taurus’ bearing is a lubricated precision hydrodynamic journal unit said to be very quiet and maintenance-free.

Also proprietary is Taurus’ magnetic field motor which has been built to Brinkmann Audio’s strict specifications and which uses the company’s ‘Soft’ speed control. The ‘table is outfitted with the bespoke ‘Performance Power Supply’ or, alternatively, Brinkmann Audio offers the RöNt optional vacuum tube power supply. The Taurus turntable is provided with an easy to clean crystal glass platter mat which sits on the 10kg machined alloy platter.

According to Brinkmann Audio, the Taurus turntable “… delivers deeper, more visceral bass combined with the dynamic agility and forward drive which characterize all Brinkmann direct drive turntables.”

The Taurus caters for wide connectivity options by way of RCA, XLR or feed-through keyway for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors. In addition to the optional RöNt vacuum tube power supply, Brinkmann Audio is also offering a bespoke Granite Base and custom HRS Isolation Base as further upgrades.

Tonearm basesAvailable for virtually all tonearms of 9“ to 12‘‘ length. Brinkmann’s
Proprietary “Collar System” facilitates exchange and adjustment of tonearms.
DrivePlatter driven directly by magnetic field motor with “Soft” proportional speed control
Power supplyExternal “Performance” solid state power supply (Standard).
RöNt vacuum tube power supply (Optional).
BearingLubricated precision, hydrodynamic journal bearing is quiet and maintenance-free
PlatterMassive, 10 kg Alloy Platter with recess-mounted,
Planar-polished Crystal glass mat facilitates cleaning and improves performance
Chassis40 mm Duraluminum with resonance-optimized geometry
ConnectorsRCA, XLR or feed-through keyway for tonearms with 5-pin DIN connectors
Dimensions420 x 320 x 100 mm (w x d x h)
WeightTotal 22 kg (Chassis 12 kg, Platter 10 kg); Power Supply 3.2 kg
Optional AccessoriesGranite Base, Custom HRS Isolation Base, RöNt Tube Power Supply