Project Description


A culmination of years of research into spatial transparency has produced a design that is devoted to pure holistic precision, carefully balancing all empirical criteria without false exaggeration or gimmick. The result is a shockingly natural sounding speaker with rich tonal colours, thundering dynamic contrasts that remain in a precise locked focus – enabling the TIME to naturally capture the spatial context of any recording.

Exhibiting all the Avalon qualities of incredibly low noise floor, partnered to a vanishingly low distortion, the TIME produces an uncompressed sound field free from listener fatigue.

This TIME machine has the ability to transport you through time & space to the venue of your choosing, simply by changing your choice of music.

Price: £69,800, (£76,000 premium finishes)

Driver Compliment :      1” Concave Diamond neodymium tweeter
3.5” Concave Ceramic Midrange
2 x 11” Kevlar composite Woofers
Sensitivity :                   89dB @ rated impedance
Impedance :                 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response :   20Hz to 50Khz
Amplifier Power :          30 to 750 Watts
Dimensions :                46” (117cm) H  12” (30cm) W  19” (48cm) D
Weight :                       165 pounds (75kg) each
What the Time stands for is more music for more people. Undeniably expensive it may be, but it is still cheap at the price, simply because musical performance like this was almost unattainable at any price before it arrived. By mixing a distinctly real world practicality with superb musical performance, the Time establishes a significant new benchmark for competitors (and customers) to aim for.
Roy Gregory, HiFi+ magazine