Project Description


The TRANSCENDENT represents an integration of proprietary techniques developed over the last decade through Avalon’s award winning ISIS and TIME transducers.

Never before have Avalon created such a compact system that utilizes the most sophisticated dynamic control technologies found exclusively in Avalon’s most advanced designs. Octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the bandwidth envelope and developed without compression while still being critically damped, thus delivering a spatial presentation that is faithful to the recording.

The result is a dynamic speaker system that focuses images palpably within a panoramic soundstage, without sacrificing transparency or low frequency solidity. Most surprising in a transducer of this size is the ability to present realistic dynamic and harmonic contrasts without sacrificing natural musicality.

Devoid of exaggeration or artificial emphasis the presentation, when partnered with appropriate products, retains the bloom and subtlety of a live performance.

Price: £21,000, (£25,600 premium finishes)

Driver Complement :     (1) Concave Ceramic Neodymium Tweeter
(2) 7 inch Nomex-Kevlar Composite Cone Woofers
Sensitivity :                   88 dB @ rated impedance
Impedance :                 4 Ohms Nominal
Frequency Response :   26Hz to 25kHz
Amplifier Power :          50 to 500 Watts
Dimensions :                41.5″ (105 cm) H 10″ (25 cm) W 14.5″ (37 cm) D
Weight :                       97 pounds (44 kg) each
While these loudspeakers do sensationally well with orchestral music, they also start and stop with the sort of speed that’s needed to play bangin’ dance music.
Alan Sircom, HiFi+
Regarding the Magicos, while some reviewers have embraced them as the second coming, under show conditions they have sounded a bit sterile for my tastes, and I prefer the Transcendent’s bloom and imaging magic. The Wilson Sophia 3 is certainly a worthy contender, but once again the Transcendent’s collection of virtues tips the scale for me.
Dennis Davis, Audiobeat
This is an open window into the control room, yes, but more importantly it’s endlessly satisfying with it. It’s like a musician’s musician’s speaker; capable of deep levels of insight into what’s going on in a recording.
Alan Sircom, HiFi+