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Please refresh your browser to ensure the list is up to date. Below is our secondhand list, updated on a weekly basis. Unless specified, all items are 240V, genuine UK supplied, extremely well cared for and recently traded in as part exchanges by bona fide LOTUS customers. Three month return to base warranty applies in all instances (save cartridges) and a statutory 7 day no quibble money back cooling off period. We have 6 years experience shipping fully insured all over the globe from Indonesia to Iceland so all your purchases are full protected and warrantied with us. Most preloved items can be seen in our ebay shop with full descriptions and high resolution photos.

Vitus RS-101 power amp (Brand new Spec !!!)£8500
Unison Research S6 integrated (Cherry, 2017)£1699
Allnic T2000 KT150 integrated (nearly new)£CALL
NAIM NAC 252 (2002, full service at Naim 2013)SOLD
NAIM Supercap DR (2004, DR upgrade 2013)SOLD
NAIM NAP 500 DR (2017 !)SOLD
 Job/Goldmund  225 power amp£900
Naim 552 DR (2011, DR’d 2016 !)SOLD
Naim Nap 500 (2009/2011)SOLD
TIDAL IMPULSE (2016, LPX, was £29,220)£19,995
Heed CANAMP£175
KEF Blade 1 (Black, nearly new, Dec 2016)SOLD
GATO FM6 (gloss black)
Avalon Ascendant (Cherry)
Avalon Transcendant (Mk 1, walnut, ex-demo)
OCELLIA Calliope .21, Sig, Twin, Silver (New !!!)£12,995
MELCO N1ZH mk1 (was £3500)£2095
Vitus SCD-025 CD/DAC MKii (2016, lotus supplied)£POA
MELCO D100£799
AURENDER W20 Streamer£7700
Magnum Dynalab, 108t (nos seimens valves)£2095
Chord DSX1000 Network Player (was £8200)SOLD
DCS VERDI Transport£1995
Brinkmann La Grange / 10.5 / RoNt II / EMT-ti£7995
Dohmann Helix 2£POA
Allnic H1201 phonostage (2017, nearly new)£1995
Linn Urika£1595
Heed Canamp£175
Opera Consonance Isolde T8 – TT + tonearm£999
Linn Ittok 12″ – very rare£1595
HighFidelity Cables CT1-U DIGITAL SPDIF£1200
HighFidelity Cables CT1-E RCA interconnect£1300
TelluriumQ Black speaker cable (2x 9m)£500
Naim Hiline 5 pin din – din£450
HighFidelity Cables CT1 RCA interconnect£795
Furutech Digital Ref III balanced XLR 1m£795
VITUS Andromeda Mains cable£849
TelluriumQ Black power mains cable (4 available)£595
Furutech Digiflux coax/clock cable£550
Studio Connections Platinum XLR 1m£850
Naim CHC, pure silver, din – RCA interconnect£399
Naim CHC, pure silver, 240° din/din (552-552ps)£399
Sarum Super Aray, 240°, 5 pin din din (552-552ps)£1150
Entreq Konstantin XLR 1.1M (2 available)£1050
Naim NacA5 (2 x 3m, white)£180

Whilst we try to update this page as often as possible, occasionally some products will no longer be available. We apologise in advance if this inconvenience should occur.

WARNING: Please note that I do not advertise anything on Audio Markt, Audiogon, Craigslist, Gumtree, AVforums, Hififorsale, Hifi-forsale or Donkiz. It seems that my photographs are used and my profile gets copied a fair bit on some of these websites, sometimes with my names actually employed in the account id (Richard morris, Lotus). As my presence is extremely well known on the used market these ads often swiftly get flagged up by past customers and enthusiasts but they can linger so please beware. The golden rule is if something is too cheap then it’s most likely too good to be true. Proceed with caution. I only advertise my stock on Pinkfish, HifiWigwam,, Lejonklou and of course Ebay.