New for Summer 2019 at Lotus, we are excited to add Shunyata mains products to our portfolio. We like Shunyata’s dedication to UK mains application and in particular their dedicated UK 3 pin plug. The Denali mains districution block is something quite special as is the Venom UK 6 block at a more modest pricepoint. We also like the people behind Shunyata UK who are driven, professional and very much on the pulse. Commercial viability, aftersales, support and availability is always as important as out and out sonics.

We tested the Alpha, Delta and Sigma mains cables here and all provided a high level of performance and generous and balanced scaling as you pay more for your money. We also really like the dual NR and EF options for each mains cable, giving you the customer a small sonic choice at each price level.

The Denali is already doing the rounds at Lotus customers homes and impressing with what it can do. Looking forward to having a permanent one flexing its muscles in the Lotus demo room.

Shunyata joins TelluriumQ, Entreq and Tidal to make for a very robust suite of mains products. On demo from today.

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