SHUNYATA RESEARCH, “the ultimate reality”

Shunyata Research was founded by former military scientist Caelin Gabriel in 1997 with the goal of designing power-line and cable systems that eliminate the deleterious effect noise has on high resolution sound, film, recording and mastering systems. Guided by Gabriel’s use of measurement, innovative science and his many patents, Shunyata has grown to become one of the most highly regarded manufacturers in the audio/video industry. This unparalleled success has grown to include a medical and science based product division named Clear Image Scientific. Shunyata’s sister company CIS designs and manufactures noise-reduction products for scientific laboratories, heart surgery and all applications that require the highest resolution of low-level signals and images.

Shunyata’s factory, located across the Puget Sound from Seattle in Poulsbo, Washington, has 25,000 sq. feet of work space and offices to support 18 employees, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. The vast majority of Shunyata Research products are hand-assembled in Washington by a team of skilled product technicians. All products are packaged, stored and shipped at Shunyata’s factory. Shunyata Research products are distributed worldwide through a carefully chosen retail network of dealers and distributors. Shunyata Research is best known for using credible science patents and its own extreme parts customization to deliver products with performance and value that simply do not exist elsewhere.


Delta EF – £760
Delta NR – £870
Alpha EF – £1420
Alpha NR – £1750
Sigma EF – £2800
Sigma NR – £3300

1.75m as standard, proprietary Shunyata UK plug


Venom UK 6 – £1800
Hydra Alpha 10 UK – £3900
Denmali 6000/T UK – £5950
SSF38 feet – £250