Every once in a while a product comes along that goes so far into undiscovered territory, is so newfangled and boundless in it’s design,  construction and implementation that it has seasoned dealers and distributors, industry insiders as well as customers, foaming at the mouth and gossiping frantically. I am very excited then, to bring to Lotus the Taiko SGM Extreme. This is one we’ve been waiting for for some time.

For those who want the ultimate design solution as far as streamed music is concerned, the SGM Extreme is the most sophisticated digital source currently possible, the “Creme de La Creme” as the gigantic ‘Whatsbestforum’ internet thread calls it, a new high watermark in the world of digital replay. In Simple terms Emile Bok has designed the SGM Extreme to deliver the most realistic sounding / live reproduction possible from stored music files and streamed music from Qobuz and Tidal

Dual multicore Xeon CPU’s with heatpipe cooling, a Taiko Audio custom assembled OS, no compromise linear power supply with Dueland and Mundorf capacitors, 42kg of heft in a CNC hybrid copper/aluminium/“panzerholz” chassis, Roon at supersonic speed delivered to JPlay, a smorgasbord of external connections, a host of in house proprietary components, 48GB industrial memory and up to 24TB of NAS. The list goes on.

If you must have the best Digital setup possible right now then the Taiko it is. Welcome to a whole new reference. On shop and home demo from January 2020.



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