In 2019, to keep step with the ever expanding perfomance ability of the electronics and sources we sell, Lotus began an exhuastive search to find a new cable manufacturer with both the range and performance ceiling to fully accomodate our entire product suite.

The result ? Well it was a brand perhaps less clandestine and obscure than we originally imagined. Tara Labs from Oregon USA have been producing world class product for over 30 years now. They are actually the most awarded cable brand in existence so their name is no secret and most people with a degree of interest in highend audio will have heard of them. They are non-aggressive in the marketplace though and like most of the brands we represent choose to focus on designing and producing the best product they can and letting the work do the talking rather than generating too much hot air in the media or elsewhere. They also have never had proper representation here in the UK.

Here at Lotus we trialled a good selection of their product and were astounded by the neutrality, naturalness, and quietness of the sound they afforded. Their sense of “cast in stone” stability and noiseless image lock was particularly breathtaking. Extreme resolution without dryness or fatigue. Fluidity and naturalness without grain, softness or added warmth. Not only did their samples fare well against our existing cable references but when we loaned out samples to close customers for real world evaluation, none of them wanted to give the cables back and ended up purchasing. True that !

The Tara Labs range is as extensive as it is ambitious. We go from a £180 interconnect to Speaker Cables at the very highest prices seen in this industry. Our tests revealed though at each pricepoint the level of performance on offer seemed singularly generous relative to competitor products. One early demo customer thought the price I quoted him for ONE CX speaker cables was for one channel rather than both L&R channels !

We will be adding some more products to the website once we have fully understood and appraised the entire range, but for the beginings of our partnership, we are focusing on just three key pricepoints within the “Extended Bandwidth” range deemed most suitable for Lotus customers. These cables have unbridled openess, extension and control and are designed for neutral, highly resolving systems with a high degree of refinement. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you how good they are ! Truly like swapping boxes.


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