Lots of news from Köln in Germany. First up, this year at the Munich Highend show (18th – 21st may) Tidal Audio are doing something rather special. For the first and only time, they will be demonstrating a pair of the mighty LA ASSOLUTA diamond woofer loudspeakers. This event will be invitation only to maximise the experience for those people who have a genuine interest in the brand so please do get in touch if that’s you and we’ve not sent you an invite already.

Also for Munich 2017, Tidal will be releasing a fairly generous round of exciting new products. There’s the new range of cables, interconnects and mains cords which we already know about but also a number of other very tasty launches. I can’t say much more right now but I can’t wait to get our hands on demo models of these new items and bring them to the UK and to your homes. One item in particular might just be one of the best things Tidal has ever produced. Watch this space.

Next up, a host of gongs to tell you about. “BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR AWARD” from the magazine AUDIO ART was given to the Contriva loudspeaker. The Contriva was praised as one of the finest loudspeakers available and Taiwan importer Jeff Lin gratefully received the gong. Elsewhere across the globe, Parttime Audiophile also voted the Tidal Contriva his “Most Coveted product award”:

“I’m a fetishist when it comes to the high-end of audio playback devices. I love the very best sound that human beings are capable of offering through their technical, artistic, and manufacturing prowess. What I love, you may not, but that’s why these year-end lists are great, because we all get to gush about what we love best, and the piece of equipment I covet the most this year is the Tidal Contriva G2 loudspeaker. No matter what I heard them paired with at various shows this year, they just spoke to me. They made me emotional, they put off-balance, and kept me there with their innate musicality. Yes, they are expensive, but oh God, they are worth every penny to me.”

(Rafe Arnott)

Popular website ‘Positive Feedback’ also lavished a host of awards on Tidal. Three Brutus gongs were given to the Tidal Agoria loudspeaker, Presencio preamplifier and Impulse monobloc.

“I wrote up my comments on the remarkable TIDAL Audio system that I heard in the first quarter of 2016 back in early November in this issue. They were quite a rave for this German company that takes elegance and authority to an incredible level. Check out my “Impressions” essay at the link above for details. It will tell you why TIDAL Audio took Brutus Awards from me, with delight. Additionally, the TIDAL Audio system takes one of two of my Circuitus Maximus Awards for 2016. These I give on an occasional basis when I have a system in that provides exceptional synergy. TIDAL Audio has it, for sure.”

(Dr. David Robinson)

Stereo Times published a very interesting dealer report. Bill Wells travelled to meet Doug White of USA dealer “The Voice that Is” and penned an excellent introduction to the brand and gave some great insight into the Tidal sound, the new Akira loudspeakers and exactly what he heard. Well worth a read.

“Over many, many years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to hear quite a few different speaker designs including some that were truly outstanding. This includes dynamic speakers, horns, planars, electrostatics, hybrids, other. My recent experience listening to the TIDAL Akira has been like none other and literally caused me to recalibrate my thinking.

Truth be told, I was simply stunned by their sound. Or perhaps I should more accurately state – their lack of sound. What I heard was perhaps the least colored sound and stunningly beautiful, pure sound from a loudspeaker (and accompanying system) that I can recall ever having heard. In fact, the so-called disappearing act was pulled off to the max with sound that came through with such a natural and dynamic way that it was easy to simply close my eyes and drift into audio nirvana. Additionally the sound was relaxed, silky smooth, loaded with intimate details with every little musical nuance being revealed.

There was simply no tension while listening to recorded music – just as it is when listening live. When called for – music also came through the system with as much verve, punch and drive to provide the impression of the real thing. From my earlier experiences listening to various TIDAL speakers and particularly with this on-site visit, my sense is that the TIDAL Akira speakers excel beyond well beyond my expectations and are about as close to being perfect transducers as I’ve ever heard…..and trust me, I’ve heard plenty.”   

Bill Wells, Stereotimes.com
Feel free to read more: The TIDAL experience at ‘The Voice That Is’

Last but by no means least, Doug White also gave some very good interviews to camera for Stereophile magazine. This is a 2 part discussion with John Atkinson and herb reichert. Well worth a few minutes of your time.

Two video’s: an Interview with Doug White from “The voice that is”, Philadelphia based premium dealer for TIDAL in the US

This video is about the man behind “The voice that is” and his concept and understanding about music and highend:

A Conversation with Doug White (The Voice That Is) | Stereophile
Also feel free to see Doug White sharing his view about TIDAL with Herb Reichert und John Atkinson:

Doug White (The Voice That Is) on TIDAL Loudspeakers | Stereophile