Munich Highend show 2017, room F121, Tidal Audio showed a £700,000+ flagship system utilising the state of the art La Assoluta diamond woofer Floorstanders. The sound went from sublime to exceptional over the course of the 5 days and when open to the public, the room was literally flooded with eager listeners.

Customers, onlookers, reviewers and bloggers alike seemed hugely impressed and enjoyed what was surely one of the biggest highlights of the entire show and a unique expression of the absolute frontier of Home Audio this present day. We will have to wait just a little longer to see exactly what awards and commendations Tidal have won. A fabulous effort from Jorn, Miriam and all at the team at the factory.

Intrinsic to the Munich show was the launch of two exciting new products from Tidal. First of all we have the Camira DMC DAC which outperforms and replaces the outgoing Camira DAC but this time at far less money. Secondly, the new Ferios mono amplifiers sit just below the flagship Assoluta Monos and had stunning levels of control, precision and bandwidth at Munich. Please click the links to see the product pages. UK demo’s of both products expected very soon.