“TIDAL has been a safe bet for the finest of the finest for almost two decades of audio history now. A constant show winner and reference with almost stubborn consistency in unique sound, finish and design. But we know there is a price for it to pay. Since there will never be a compromised TIDAL, there will never be a cheap TIDAL.

But what if we started all over with a white sheet of paper and do things the way we do? But for the first time within a target budget ? Would the result still be a TIDAL ?”

Munich Highend 2018, an all new brand “VIMBERG”, launch a new line of loudspeakers. The philosophy for VIMBERG is actually very easy, take the best parts, add the best possible engineering and manufacturing from one of the most established highend companies of the last two decades and create something special.

Vimberg begin life with two 3 way full range models, Mino and Tonda. Three Accuton drivers, Mogami internal wiring, Argento pure silver binding posts and a Vimberg highend crossover employing only the best Mundorf & Duelund components. All of this in a generous 72/96kg cabinet with bassreflex port design. Both loudspeakers are available with an optional 30mm diamond tweeter which can also be retrofitted at any time.

Off the record, Lotus has had an exclusive preview of these new designs and we can only say that they represent an enormous amount of speaker for the money and the quality is absolutely nothing less than that you would expect from the uncompromising team in Koln. Pricing to be announced shortly but we anticipate the premium Tonda model to come in at not much more than a Tidal Piano. Exciting times indeed. Full prices and specs to follow on the Lotus website Summer 2018.


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