VIMBERG, “pure music”
The philosophy for VIMBERG is actually very easy: take the best parts, add the best possible engineering and manufacturing from one of the most established highend companies of the last two decades and create something special. Full details coming very very soon.

For extraordinary results, TIDAL used drivers with ultra-stiff and very light diaphragms made out of diamond, ceramic and 3D-shaped honeycomb sandwich material from the specialist Accuton. Those parts were installed into literally low-noise, in-house manufactured cabinets that were constructed using heavy duty waterproof quality materials then finished with resonance damping VIMBERG – piano lacquer. At the heart of it they use only Mundorf and Duelund crossover parts – combined with their unique engineering and crossover designs, to create ultra-linear frequency responses, incredible timing and the complete lack of the driver’s diaphragm signature.

Common features in the VIMBERG Speaker

  • 3-way fullrange loudspeaker
  • VIMBERG MRD-cabinet with decoupled aluminum high-midrange mounting plate
  • 1 x 30 mm Accuton Cell ceramic tweeter
  • optional: 30mm Accuton Cell diamond tweeter, also upgradeable anytime later (Tonda D ; Mino D)
  • highend Mogami speaker cable wiring inside, Argento pure silver binding posts
  • VIMBERG highend crossover: linear frequency response with optimized impulse response, exclusive use of Mundorf & Duelund components.
  • Dual-Tune bass-reflex port design for lowest port noise and selectable F3
  • Decoupling height adjustable isolation gliders and 3D-shaped installation triggers for optimized setup and placement to every floor
  • Exclusive VIMBERG real piano lacquer: summit white or jet black

Specific to the VIMBERG Tonda

  • 1 x 168 mm Accuton Cell ceramic midrange woofer,
    3 x 190 mm Accuton Cell woofer, long excursion design with 3D shaped honeycomb sandwich diaphragm
  • Height: 1432mm H x 650mm D x 439mm W (56.4″ H x 25.6″ D x 17.3″ W)
  • Weight: 2 x 96 Kg / 212 lbs. (plus packaging)

Specific to the VIMBERG Mino

  • 1 x 90 mm Accuton Cell ceramic midrange woofer,
    3 x 168 mm Accuton Cell woofer, long excursion design with 3D shaped honeycomb sandwich diaphragm
  • Height: 1270mm H x 534mm D x 424mm W / (50″ H x 21″ D x 16.7″ W)
  • Weight: 2 x 96 Kg / 212 lbs. (plus packaging)

Audio-Head, Rocky Mountain Audio Festival 2018

“Let’s say Bugatti decided that it wanted to build a car that sold for $29,000 USD, and this car would also look, smell, feel, and drive like a $215,000 USD Bugatti. Albeit some minor engineering and production compromises would have to be made, but overall — the experience and emotions it would produce would be almost identical. That is what TIDAL Audio founder Jörn Janczak has just done with the development of his new VIMBERG company. “

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“…This is a mighty impressive debut that underlines designer Jörn Janczak’s confidence in the project. I saw several people visibly shocked when told the price. One thought that it was the cost of a single speaker, not the pair. That tells you a lot about both the Tonda’s performance and the quality of the Tidal electronics driving it. But either way, it’s an awful lot of performance for the money.
Given their heritage and design DNA, the Vimberg speakers could just be shaping up as one of audio’s all-time biggest bargains. Just the insight they offer into the musical benefits of both Tidal’s exacting approach to parts and production makes them a fascinating prospect. If, as Jörn Janczak says, “care is free,” we are about to find out just how much it’s worth.”

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“…Tidal has created its own subsidiary company named Vimberg—whose purpose is to distinguish itself from its parent company by name—while still associating itself with the extreme artisanal manufacturing of its parent company. Vimberg is making two new three-way floorstanding speakers named Mino and Tonda—the latter of which I auditioned right next to Tidal’s similar-looking (but much more expensive) Akira. I have experienced the 180,000 Euros/pair Akira several times and if memory serves me, this new Vimberg Tonda sounded damn near as refined and concise as its much more expensive stablemate. (Both speakers are constructed in the same factory.)
The new Vimberg Tonda lacks the Tidal Akira’s diamond tweeter and midrange drivers. It also lacks the Akira’s five rear-firing bass drivers. Less noticeably, it features a reduction in Tidal’s extreme attention to materials, finish, and craftsmanship. However, it is similar to the Akira in size and shape; it uses a similarly thick MDF enclosure, as well as Accuton drivers and Mundorf crossover parts. I called the Tonda,”Tee-dahl Light” and thought, Wow! This white beauty gives me 80–90% of the fancy speaker’s sonics at less than 20% of its cost. What is not to like?
Supporting the Tondas’ excellent, Tidal-like presentation were Tidal’s own Presencio preamplifier, Ferios amplifiers, Camira DMC, and last but not least, Tidal’s new cables.

[Herb Reichert – please click here, to see the full article]

“New at Munich is VIMBERG, springing from the minds, hands and creative work of Jörn Janczak of TIDAL. My understanding is that this line of loudspeakers will very much have “DNA” derived from the much more expensive TIDAL brand. Think Toyota vs Lexus, if Lexus was Rolls Royce (if that makes sense).
The new line is very much intended to be a more affordable entry to Janczak’s work (where ‘affordable’ is admittedly highly relative, of course). The parts are of the “typical” absurdly high-quality we’ve come to expect from Janczak, and the design still adheres to his obsessive level of attention to detail. That said, the drivers are all top-of-the-line Accuton, and if a customer wants to opt-in for the extreme performance of the Accuton diamond drivers, well, that is an option.”

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Best New Product: VIMBERG.
“For the MINO and TONDA 3-way speakers, a new line that bridges the gap between ultra high end and affordable prices, with state of the art technology and gorgeous looks.