Now on demo here at Lotus, the much loved outgoing Vitus RD-100 Dac/Preamp has been extensively upgraded to the RD-101. Regular followers of Vitus Audio will know that the factory does not do small reworks and the new RD here is no expception.

The new 101 is now a pure DAC with no linestage built in. This makes it a much more suitable partner for the hugely popular RI-101 and SIA-025 integrated amps. As well as a whole host of improvements to the DAC, power supply and output stage this unit now sports the all new Vitus Streamer module, developed in conjunction with Mconnect software. As well as streaming from Server and Cloud based sources, Music streaming from Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and vTuner (for internet radio) is also supported. The RD-101 is also fully conversant with our favourite storage device the Melco.

Apart from that, the RD-101 works just like any other Vitus product and is built to the exact same high standards. Inputs at the rear include x2 SPDIF RCA, x2 AES XLR, x1 USB, Ethernet input and a usb socket for wifi dongle. Uk pricing has been set to £10,800