The King is dead, long love the King ! Munich Highend 2018, Vitus Audio have officially launched a significant upgrade to the 8 year old multi award winning RI-100 Integrated amplifier. Logically named the RI-101, the new model sports the same main power supply and output stage but is upgraded in every other area.

An all new preamplifier stage powered by a complex and lower noise regulated power supply, the high resolution volume control from the Signature and Masterpiece linestages, the RI-101 provides even greater transparency, blackness and neutrality than before, taking it even closer to the openness and Class A purity of the £19,000 SIA-025. On the technical and build side, the volume steps are also finer and the revised casing gives even better cooling.

The original and much loved RI-100 DAC module is still available for the RI-101 with a small price increase but a new supercharged DAC+Streamer option is also available. This is a completely new design derived from the expensive standalone DAC’s in the Vitus catalogue and employs the flagship ESS chip with full DoP support. Airplay, Roon, MQA, Tidal, Spotify should all be supported too.

UK pricing is expected to be just under £12,000 for the RI-101 with an upgrade path for existing RI owners also available. The DAC module pricings will follow soon. As a single box music solution, the RI-101 with advanced Dac and streamer, will surely move the goalposts even higher.