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Hello and thanks for stopping by. If you are reading this then we probably share a deep love of music. Having music in our lives – every week, every day – is almost a basic need. My name is Richard Morris and my own personal journey in the world of music replay started in the late 1980’s when I sold all the popular British brands from a dealership in southwest London.

Some 20 years later, returning to the industry during a career change, it looked a little tired to me and in many ways ….

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The Digital Cable

19th March 2021|0 Comments

Over the last year or so the USB cable has received a fair bit of attention from our brands Shunyata and Tara Labs. The performance [...]

Optimising the Network – a HUGE source of noise

25th November 2020|0 Comments

Most of our systems are plugged into the home network these days. Our streamers and servers are attached to the network to be [...]

Unchartered waters – the Tidal Prisma

26th May 2020|0 Comments

If you’ve ever spent any reasonable amount of time with me, either on the phone or in person, you will have no doubt detected to [...]


21st May 2020|0 Comments

It has been almost 5 years since I wrote my original Naim to Vitus article and 7 years since I started this whole paradigm. It [...]


29th April 2020|0 Comments

Avalon was the first brand of speakers I ever stocked. In point of fact, the Avalon ASCENDANT floorstander was the single piece of equipment that [...]

ALLNIC Factory Visit 2019

15th December 2019|0 Comments

Here at Lotus we take on a new brand only very rarely and only after exhaustive research and scrutiny. We drop a brand [...]

VITUS SIA-030 vs SIA-025 vs RI-101

28th November 2019|0 Comments

In a year replete with hot products say hello to quite possibly the biggest star of 2019. My apologies for the late publication of this [...]


3rd September 2019|0 Comments

Say hello to the new flagship digital source from Hans Ole Vitus. The team over in Herning Denmark have been working on this one for [...]

Life after the Linn LP12 SE ?

13th April 2019|0 Comments

Like my original Naim to Vitus writings, the LP12SE to Brinkmann Bardo upgrade path has become so commonplace here at Lotus that I felt it [...]