ALLNIC AUDIO, “Deep into the Music”

In 2005, after great success as head designer at Silvaweld, Kang Su Park went solo to pursue his masterplan. Allnic Audio Labs was formed with the intention of matching and indeed exceeding the heights achieved by such companies as Kondo, Shindo and Wavac.

Mr. Park has not failed in his goals. We believe he has created some of the world’s finest valve equipment. His designs are truly unique, employing highly unusual tubes and design techniques which are simply too difficult or costly for others to even consider. Direct heated triodes, hand wound nickel alloy transformers, inductance capacitance RIAA equalisation, output transformer-less and output capicitator-less circuitry; Kang Su is one of the industries master innovators. Legacy pieces like the astonishingly capable H1202 and the ‘impossible to build’ H8000 – tiny moving coil voltages married with noise ridden DHT tubes –  will go down as landmarks in the Hifi halls of fame.

The Allnic sound elicits all the superlatives that can be levelled at the very best vacuum tube designs but with an extra dynamism and sense of life which is rare at any price. Spookily natural and ‘at ease’, Allnic equipment removes itself from the mind’s eye and allows a deep and unhindered connection to the music.

In  2012 we were very proudly appointed the UK importer and sole retailer of this wonderful brand from South Korea and we also additonally serve much of Europe. We have demonstration units of every product so wherever you are simply get in touch for an in-store or home trial.

Kang Su Park of Allnic Audio
Further Reading
“A giant Slayer amongst sub $10,000 stages.” (H1201)
Jack Roberts, Dagogo
“The detail levels are immense … music was portrayed with great accuracy and insight, as if you could see into the studio with more clarity than many Big Name phono stages.”
Alan Sircom, Hifi+
“I think the H-1500 is a bargain. I KNOW it is a bargain. It will give anything in its price point a run for the money, not to mention it betters units costing much more. It is by far the best unit I’ve had in my house.”
Phillip Holmes, Dagogo
“Starting with the build quality of his duo (L3000 & H3000) on through the sonics, this combo is simply one of the best in the world regardless of price.”
Jack Roberts, Dagogo
“”With the right recording, acoustic images just float behind your speakers, in a space unconstrained by your room’s physical dimensions. Within the right system, the aural holography the H-3000 enables is spectacular”
Vinylphile, Vinylphile
‘”The little AUT2000 SUT is just lovely! It adds quite a bit to the Allnic 1201 phonostage in that I find the music even clearer, even more stable and, if anything, a bit more projected into the room. And amazingly silent! It also transforms the sound of my Whest phono stage, removing the sense of sterility which is what has got me testing other kit.”
Allnic/Lotus customer, Allnic/Lotus customer
‘”Overall, the HiFiMan HE-6 and Allnic HPA-5000 paired wonderfully. I experienced the beautiful euphonic midrange that only tubes can provide, along with natural life-like dynamics, silky smooth treble, and deep tight bass. Even after hundreds of songs and countless hours of listening, I continued to melt away into the music itself. I just never get tired of the sound. The Allnic HPA-5000 is one of the best headphone amps I have ever heard, period.”
Dubstep Girl, Headphone Guru
“The Allnic A-5000 DHTs sounded absolutely huge: Their spaciousness and sense of scale impressed me right off. In that regard, the Allnics stand with the best amps I’ve heard.”
Art Dudley, Stereophile
“Sonically the D5000 is a marvel. It has an organic, lifelike character that will, I suspect, be extremely appealing to vinyl or hardcore analogue enthusiasts. Musically rich with depth, body and harmonic detail, the D5000 has that unique character among great Hi-Fi components where it sounds incredibly revealing while remaining warm and engaging, creating that addictive listening experience we so often strive for.”
David McCallum, My Hifi Life
“Folks; I give you the Allnic T2000 integrated tube amplifier and award it an unreserved and very enthusiastic recommendation. It is a real belter of a product.”
Kevin Fiske, HifiWigwam