Analogue has always been a speciality here. I am a huge fan of the format and a well setup vinyl chain with the right discs often has something magical that the very best digital simply cannot match. Analogue though is a part of this hobby that is even more specialist and even less well understood than other parts so a deeper commitment to it is required on the part of the dealer as well as freedom from supply and market forces; a pledge to really look beyond popularist dogma and into the more clandestine corners of the industry.

Our range of decks runs from £5000 to £50,000. They are carefully hand picked and they might surprise you simply because they do not include many of the well known turntables commonly seen in the UK, but we have as much belief in them as our Amplifiers, Speakers and ancillaries. At the lower end of the price scale we tend to favour direct drive designs; providing the problem of motor and bearing nosie transmission has been successfully dealt with they bring a very compelling array of strengths to the table. It is not until the upper price bands when a belt drive system can get close to the pitch stability of a good direct drive turntable.


Brinkmann you probably have heard of. Here is a very stable and dependable company from southern Germany and they have been making beautifully machined, five star product for many decades now. Their turntables are neutral, natural, delicate yet dynamic and the range is generous with something for everyone.

Starting at under £6000 you have the direct drive Bardo, typically shod with the 10.5 tonearm to make for a sub £10,000 package. The Bardo is an extraordinary product for the money. Dynamic, precise, musically nuanced with great forward drive it is a true high-end sound and comfortably deserves the moniker of “giant killer”. It makes a mockery of the flagship deck from Scotland with Radikal, Keel even if shod with third party upgrades like Tranquility and Karmen. All of this for £5895.

The Taurus is Brinkmann’s newest turntable. A direct drive like the Bardo, it benefits from an upgraded chassis and brings about a more dynamic sound with even better low end performance. It can also accommodate up to 2 tonearms. Sonically it is a large step on from the entry Bardo.

The Balance is the company’s flagship. It is a belt drive high mass design and usually shod with the longer 12.1 tonearm. It can also be supplied in a dual arm format. The balance is characterised by utter composure and exemplary bass response. It is supremely dynamic but as the same time has a wonderfully relaxed delivery. Magisterial, olympian, commanding, it is a very classy performer.

All turntables can be upgraded by the vacuum tube RoNtIII power supply. This is a very worthy consideration some time during ownerhip if not at the time of purchase.


The Yatrus is one of those products that was so convincing in all aspects of its execution that I was compelled to bring it to the UK and offer it up to customers. It is the sole direct drive turntable made by boutique high-end manufacturer Thrax over in Bulgaria. In fact so impressive were all of its aspects that it started a journey that eventually led me to bring the enture range of Thrax products into the Lotus portfolio and into the UK.

The Yatrus is very compact, handsome, a doddle to set up and use, and is also bundled with the same Schroder tonearm that we supply on our Helix decks. It makes for a fine alternative to the Brinkmann Taurus and delivers a sonic performance that seems so very close to the mega decks experienced in the £30,000+ territory. Superb value for money.


Mark Dohmann is no stranger to high-end turntable to design. He was responsible for the state of the art Continuum Caliburn back at the turn of the century. The Helix 1 and 2 are his own turntables, made in his native country in Melbourne, Australia.

The Helix 1 and 2 benefit from a whole host of ingenious design technologies which raise them above the level of the more conventional turntables commonly seen in the marketplace. Most crucially, the Helix is built around an entire bespoke designed Minus K negative stiffness apparatus. The Minus K is the same technology that is use to make platforms for things like Electron Microscopes, where all movement from the smallest of vibrations must be eradicated. This high level technology inside a record player makes for a profound effect; the Helix 1 and 2 can comfortably mix it with the best decks ever created and all at extremely attractive prices relative to the competition.

We have placed many Dohmann decks in the UK and Europe. Like most Lotus products, they do not necessarily dazzle with one ability but prove themselves emphatically with the broad cohesive sum of all parts, the task of simply playing music in a natural and convincing way that just sounds “right”. You are also not paying through the nose for machined pieces of gold or a hand polished record weight that costs twice as much as a typical wedding dress ! The Dohmann is a true engineer’s piece; ingenious, beautifully machined and distinctly bullshit free.


The phonostage received a lot of attention and technological breakthrough around 10 years ago and rightly so; it is a component that deals with tiny tiny signals and simply has an enormous impact on the sound quality of a Vinyl chain. Allnic Audio can claim to have created one of the first ever “super phonostages” the H3000, an ingenious LCR vacuum tube design which set a new bar for the industry and has been much copied since. Nowadays though the upper ceiling for the phono preamp can break £40,000.

Our range starts with the entry Allnic H1202 at £3250. This is one of our highest selling products and is almost on constant order with the factory. Allnic have 3 further stages after that right up to the mighty H8000 with its DHT dual chassis design. It is Kang Su Park’s attempt at the world’s best and many users believe it is just that. All the Allnics give a wonderfully dynamic yet relaxed sound, spacious and free flowing with great imaging and microdetails.

Some people prefer transistor equipment over valves and for them the Vitus range of reference, signature and masterpiece phono preamps is no less compelling. The Vitus units give a highly refined sound with great precision and order. Textural and harmonic ability is also highly adept for a solid state unit.

The Vitus range begins at a fairly lofty £11,000 so we also offer the Brinkmann Edison at £8950. This is a superb phono with lots of functionality and Brinkmann’s extremely balanced and delicate sound.

The phonostages of Tidal are bundled into the preamplifiers but do not underestimate their might simply because they are part of a linestage. The Preos started life as a no holds barred phonostage with a volume control, the phono stage for the Precensio is a whole separate chassis and the phono input of the new Prisma would need a hell of a unit from another manufacturer to match it in ability. Any Tidal phono operates at the highest level. Neutral, linear and utterly transparent and devoid of signature or artifice.