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First UK VIMBERG delivery

I am extremely proud to document the first ever UK delivery of a pair of gorgeous Vimberg speakers, the new offshoot brand from the Ultra highend German company “Tidal Audio”. Available at Lotus Hifi as of now, the Vimberg Mino, starting at £23,000 for the ceramic tweeter version, will provide over 95% of the clarity, purity, transparency and sheer invisibility that we know and expect from a Tidal loudspeaker, but at less than 50% of the price. A huge sound and simply so much speaker for the money. The highest levels of openess and transparency but, like a Tidal, [...]

2nd January 2019|

The new Allnic H1202 Phono

The entry level Allnic H1201 phono stage has always been one of the biggest selling units here at Lotus. I'm probably past 100 units now for numbers sold, who knows for sure, it's a big amount though. The baby phono from Kang Su Park just sounds so right and natural in almost every system that rarely did it ever come back returned from home demo or indeed find itself beaten by another rival product. A little like Mr. Vitus and his recently improved RI-101 amplifier, the H1201 never really needed improving at it's pricepoint and still offered performance that made [...]

27th December 2018|

The new VITUS RI-101 Integrated in depth

The previous Vitus RI-100 has been a firm favourite here at Lotus since the very first days we started with the brand back when there was only 2 or 3 other UK retailers and most people had never even heard the name of this obscure company from Denmark. We have been championing this multi award winning amp for nigh on 5 years now and it is the heart of many a Lotus based system still to this day providing year upon year of pleasure. All those years ago we also devised the Naim to Vitus philosophy and pathway. We pioneered [...]

28th October 2018|


In the Summer of this year I had the pleasure of visiting the Tidal factory. We do pop in to periodically to keep abreast of things but this time was rather special because firstly we were set to investigate and gloat over the newly launched Vimberg brand of loudspeakers and secondly, the team have just finished a sizeable factory expansion with the launch of a stunning brand new demonstration room. Whilst the electronics assembly and R&D has always been off site at a different location, the speaker manufacturing and assembly was always located on the ground floor at [...]

4th September 2018|


As a dealer you work with good equipment day in day out. It's actually easy to become a bit blasé about good sounding products and even many things we trial but reject from selling are still great performers with impressive characteristics, sonically or otherwise. Once in a while though, something comes along that makes even a seasoned highend dealer stop and scratch his head in amazement. The Dohmann Helix is such a product and it's got me so excited that I wanted to get pen to paper the instant I took delivery of our demo unit earlier this [...]

18th March 2018|


I had an illuminating conversation with a customer of mine the other day. So key was it's message that I thought it might be a good idea to write an article around it. This particular customer of mine has a great system with me. We moved him into Vitus amplification around 3 years ago and then soon after that we upgraded his Notts Analogue deck to a Brinkmann Balance with Transfiguration Proteus moving coil. An Allnic phonostage and some TelluriumQ wires complete the picture as far as Lotus is concerned. At the business end though, he has left his [...]

1st March 2018|


The Vitus SCD-025 (or SD-025 without transport) is our biggest seller here as far as digital sources go. Since it was upgraded to MK2 form in 2016 it was very much the equal of the somewhat 'long in the tooth' £25,000 Vitus Masterpiece DAC which is now being revised. Ballsy, weighty, organic, deliciously tactile and intimate, very few people can resist an SCD once fully warmed up. True, there are slightly more resolving DAC's out there like the Vivaldi from DCS, the MSB reference etc. but apart from being some £50,000/£60,000 cheaper, what the SCD loses out in the [...]

9th February 2018|

Brinkmann’s Belt Drive SPYDER

We do very well with the Brinkmann decks here at Lotus. They sell at a strong steady pace and owners are always delighted with what is a very staunch reliable product. Stability of the product, the company and the UK distribution is a major part of the appeal as is of course, the superb performance that they offer. Whilst the keenly priced Bardo is the biggest seller here (what other deck can genuinely perform as high as a Bardo for under £5000) we should not neglect Helmut's most recent creation, the belt drive multi-arm Spyder which at £7996, sits neatly [...]

15th September 2017|

The LINN LP12 – into the Highend league

The Linn Sondek LP12 has been there all of our adult lives. A hugely lovable legend in its own right it is also a deck that has evolved steadily through the decades. The last time I personally owned one was way back in 1991 when it was looked after by Chris Thomas from Audio Venue in Crystal Palace. Back in those days he (along with Derek Jenkins) was the very best person in the country at setting one up. Since then of course through the earlier days of Lotus Hifi I have literally sold hundreds of them secondhand, [...]

1st May 2017|

The linn/naim to VITUS FAQ

Written in March 2017. Prices and model names might be out of date.   In over 3 years of retailing Vitus Audio I have moved many Naim Audio owners over to the Danish brand as a complete system upgrade. Out of about 5 or 6 dozen Naim to Vitus customers over the years, pretty much all of them still have the Vitus we sold them and it continues to deliver long term fuss-free listening pleasure. This then is now a very well trodden path and one that has produced many deeply satisfied customers who came to Lotus looking for an [...]

20th March 2017|