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Meet the Int one, possibly the most interesting Alluxity product to Lotus customers and the first one that we will cover here in the blogs. I don't want to labour on the brand and the aesthetics too much. When most people see the units in the flesh the reaction is usually really positive and brings about a smile or a strong level of inquisitiveness. Alluxity looks like little else in the marketplace and the Scandanavian elegance the product exudes, especially in the white finish, I find really rather appealing. What the pictures don't tell you is just how high [...]

12th March 2017|


I thought it might be useful and fun to list a few recommended systems here at Lotus and some of our most popular combiations with our customers. Save the very last these are all arrangements that we have sold or tested and they all work really well together in a balanced and cohesive fashion. There is obviously a huge price difference between first and last but the point is these all make stunning music and are all so fundamentally right that you don't sit there wanting for more or being distracted by niggles. You obviously get more and more as [...]

26th February 2017|


With another year flown by I thought it might be interesting to look back at the Lotus Stars of 2016. The Lotus product portfolio is already finely handpicked (we don't automatically list every single product that our brands manufacture) so almost every item you see on this website comes highly recommended and will sell at some point or other. There are of course products that sell in far greater numbers though. It might be because they are one in million items, amazingly competitive in their own marketplace or just reflective of new trends and habits. Let's check over the sales [...]

20th January 2017|


With just 7 months under our belt since we launched Tidal here in the UK, myself, importers Kog Audio and the factory in Germany could not be more pleased with the beginnings and early progress that's been made. The reaction from customers in shop and home demos has been everything we expected and hoped for and more. Things will continue to move fast in the world of Tidal. We have recently had news of several imminent new products which will be released at the Munich show in Spring 2017 so stay tuned for a number of really [...]

13th December 2016|


In the last few years I have witnessed a very strong trend towards simplification in this great hobby of ours. People want far fewer boxes, less wires, less clutter and a system that just takes up a much smaller amount of real estate. The reason ? Well I suspect it’s partly because the way we live is fundamentally changing. In 2016 the lounge is for many, a veritable feast of entertainment, 50” plasmas, bluray collections, netflix, ipads, Xboxes, Call of Duty multiplayer; the age of the dedicated listening room is now no longer quite so appropriate . The other major [...]

17th August 2016|


Budget isn’t really a word you immediately associate with Lotus. When I started out on my journey back in 2010 I wanted to deliver a very natural "non-hifi" sound with little compromise. The simple fact is that to meet my minimum level of expectation there are no real shortcuts. That said, the lower end of the marketplace is evolving very very fast and its also a challenging area to operate in so over the next couple of years, I will be turning a little more of my attention to the smaller budget and trying to offer more in this sector. [...]

20th June 2016|


In March and April we had the very first UK Tidal sales. The intial demo pieces were loaned out and demonstrated from as early as February and we couldn't have asked from a better response from real customers in their real living spaces. It's not everyday that in excess of £85,000 worth of equipment gets purchased and delivered and there is quite a lot involved in moving 280kg+ of kit around so here is a pictorial insight into one these early installs to a very good Lotus Customer. Whilst the entry Piano speakers come [...]

5th May 2016|


Mention TIDAL AUDIO and many people will first think of Loudspeakers but the truth is that their electronics are at least the equal of the speakers in terms of performance, build and finish. The PREOS is such a unique and special piece and will represent such a major entry point to the brand for many people that it seems fitting to appoint it as the subject of my very first Tidal blog. Customers who are familiar with my blogs will know that I try my utmost to tell it how it is. I am not given to hyperbole or [...]

4th May 2016|


I am hugely excited to bring you something completely unique and exclusive to UK shores, the culmination of several years of meticulous planning and negotiation, a fortuitous 'aligning of the planets' and certainly the single largest investment LOTUS HIFI has ever made. From Koln in Germany, I present  the exquisite, impassioned, profound world of Jörn Janczak - an industry Holy Grail, my own personal sonic reference, a brand which I have coveted for many many years. In partnership with distributors Kog Audio, I am immensely proud to announce LOTUS HIFI as the exclusive sole retailer in the [...]

4th May 2016|


Since its release in 2015, the Poseidon has had a dramatic effect to the Entreq range. I find that it is now the most popular entry point for customers wanting to ground their system. Of course the  Silver Tellus and Minimus are still popular for more simplistic and modest systems but in a fairly high level system that is open and transparent, the power of the Poseidon is more appropriate and you benefit from a very good performance/£ ratio. The advantages of investing in a Posiedon package are largely twofold. Firstly, as well as grounding the signal planes of two [...]

5th March 2016|