Rick Schultz’s latest line of cables are now on demo in the UK exclusively at Lotus Hifi. The new Highfidelity Cables “Reveal” product line is an attempt to shake up the £/Performance ratio of the lower end of the marketplace and bring the benefits of magnetic conduction to a wider audience at a significantly lower pricepoint than the original mult-award winning CT1 product. Some dealers are reporting that the Reveal line sounds almost as good if not slightly better than the Ct1 which is quite some statement.

HFC Reveal @ Lotus Hifi

We feel this new range has been really nicely designed. Attractive, robust and very user friendly with the same thin flexible wire that HFC customers are used to mated to an handsome new wave guide and sturdy looking connectors.

The range includes an RCA interconnect at £799, an XLR balanced interconnect at £999 and Speaker cables at £999 for a 1 metre pair with additional 0.5 metres at just £200 for both channels.

HFC CT1 reveal spkr @ Lotus Hifi HighFidelity Cables CT1 Reveal XLR @ Lotus Hifi highfidelity-cables-ct1-reveal-lotus-hifi

Also new to the UK is the MC0.5 power conditioner, one of Stereotimes’ most wanted components of 2015 and a product that has been generating a lot of buzz on the forums too. The MC-0.5 is a unique magnetic conduction device which simply plugs into the wall to apply magnetic conduction to incoming electricity. This delivers a dramatically cleaner, clearer music signal with better dynamics, realism and musicality. It is both more detailed as well as more relaxed-sounding at the same time. We would say that the magnitude of improvement is quite surprising for the price and it works just as good when using a regular US to UK plug adapter. Priced at £500 for a pair.

HFC MC0.5 @ Lotus Hifi