December 2020, marking our 10 year anniversary, Lotus Hifi ends a difficult and singular year with the largest investment and expansion period seen so far in our entire history. We are thrilled and excited to announce the addition of two new moving coil cartridge brands, two new manufacturers of audio furniture, one flagship ‘sky’s the limit’ Loudspeaker manufacturer to join Avalon and Tidal and no less than four new brands of room acoustic products.

As if that wasn’t enough, before the year closes we will be launching our new bespoke demonstration room, newly enlarged, remodelled and acoustically designed from the ground up, it will pave the way for a new and improved premium level customer experience and an exciting future all round.

Today we are proud to add two big names to our roster of moving coil cartridges, Kiseki and My Sonic Labs. With our increased range in turntables, from the direct drive Brinkmann’s to the Balance, Thrax Yatrus and decks from Mark Dohmann, an increased range of cartridges is necessary. Whilst Kiseki offer a beautiful and well judged flavouring to proceedings, My Sonic represent the ultimate in neutrality and immediacy.