December 2020, marking our 10 year anniversary, Lotus Hifi ends a difficult and singular year with the largest investment and expansion period seen so far in our entire history. We are thrilled and excited to announce the addition of two new moving coil cartridge brands, two new manufacturers of audio furniture, one flagship ‘sky’s the limit’ Loudspeaker manufacturer to join Avalon and Tidal and no less than four new brands of room acoustic products.

As if that wasn’t enough, before the year closes we will be launching our new bespoke demonstration room, newly enlarged, remodelled and acoustically designed from the ground up, it will pave the way for a new and improved premium level customer experience and an exciting future all round.

The performance of every single Hifi system is fundamentally underpinned by the room and the acoustical properties of that room. Inherent room modes, standing waves, flutter echo, specular reflections, the short lag time of early  secondary reflections; it is a highly complex subject and almost every space conspires to give an uneven frequency response and to deteriorate imaging location, image focus and time coherency.

To this end we have carefully assembled a five pronged attack on this most important facet of our hobby, combining absorption and reflection products from Transparent Acoustics, RW Acoustics and Stillpoints, with high quality 1d and 2d QRD Diffusion products from Acoustic Manufacture in Poland, and finally taking advantage of the exemplary and well established DaaD bass trap tuning system from Acustica Applicata. Offering a wide range of solutions also has the added benefit of a bigger range of aesthetics; if it is indeed even possible to install acoustic treatments in our rooms, then the whole family will likely want them to blend in and be visually acceptable.

View the full Room Acoustics product page here.