A year in isolation has thankfully produced some upsides. Allnic Audio have been busier than ever, not just fulfilling a singularly high excess of orders, but ramping up their R&D and spending extra time developing new products and improving existing ones. So 2021 will be a great year for Allnic lovers and especially for vinyl aficionados because we have no less than 3 new analogue treasures, the H5500 phono, H6500 phono and AUT-8000 Step Up to join a reworked T2000 30th Anniversary Integrated.

The H5500 entry level phono preamp is all set to be the new biggest seller here at Lotus. This replaces the H1201 with a number of significant improvements. Firstly it sports an all aluminimum chassis. Gone is the stubby taller fascia of it’s predecessor and now we have a wider smarter and more serious look, more in keeping with its elder siblings and the new flagship OTL/OCL preamps.

Like all Allnic Audio products, the H5500 uses Permalloy (iron and nickel alloy) for its transformer cores. As per it’s predecessor and indeed the original H1200, it employs four NOS E180CC twin triode tubes from the days of early computing, a staunch and highly robust choice that simply can’t be improved upon and which is much favoured by Kang Su Park. Like the 1202, this new preamp also uses a 7233  voltage regulator tube and a 5654 for voltage correction in a far superior tube power supply. A pure class A design with no negative feedback it offers 278Ω, 117Ω, 69Ω, and 29Ω loading settings, selectable from the chassis mounted rotational pots, each of which is tied to a specific gain factor. Soft start function,  a convenient mute switch and single ended input and output connectivity at the rear complete the specs.

Functionality has also been improved over the previous model; the H5500 offers users dual MC and dual MC inputs so up to four cartridges can be accomodated at any one time. The fascia has also been adorned with Allnic’s famed power meter, normally reserved for more expensive products. The meter is very useful in indicating and quickly diagnosing vacuum tube health. On the sonic side there is of course a host of significant developments over the previous H1202. First of all the power transformer has been upgraded and the unit has also been furnished with the same step up transformers from the H7000 and flagship H8000 !

All of this just for a very modest UK price rise of £500, the H5500 introductory price will sit at £3750. Shipping in March and our demo unit will be here early March as well.

Hot on the heels of the H5500 will be the H6500, the long anticipated replacement for the venerable H1500 II phono. This will sit just below the H7000 and is sure to be another big seller. The AUT-8000 is a new flagship stand-alone SUT like the AUT-2000 and is a complete redesign including silver wired transformers. The AUT-8000 is a response to requests from the ultra high end community, and will surely join the ranks of the best of the best club.

On the amplification side we can also look forward to a new 30th Anniversary T2000 Integrated amplifier. The T2000 has been a favourite here for nigh on 10 years now and the 30th Anni version will develop it even further, with KT170 power tubes and incorporating Allnic’s world’s first constant impedance attenuator, featured on all Allnic’s top-end preamps including the L-10000 and L-8000DHT. This spectacular integrated will deliver a large taste of the top of the line Allnic separates, and will drive any speaker with unshakeable grip and outstanding clarity, balance and delicacy – from top to bottom. More details very soon.