Project Description

Alluxity Power One, £8600

With balanced design, no parallel output devices and zero global feedback, Power One gives a musical performance rarely heard in solid-state designs. This is achieved without compromising full resolution, dynamics or extreme power handling.

Despite its relatively small size, the Power One is a very powerful amplifier and it will drive virtually all loudspeakers to high levels even in large listening rooms.

Minimum output is 200Wpc (RMS) into 8 ohm loads, virtually doubling into 4 and 2 ohms.

x1 Balanced XLR
x1 single ended RCA

200W 8ohm RMS
≈400W 4ohm RMS
≈800 2ohm RMS

43.5 x 10.5 x 31.5 cm
17.1 x 4.1 x 12.4 inch
31kg / 83 lb

The Power One is built upon the same technology as the Pre One with fully descrete balanced modules tweaked to fit into a power amplifier. It uses zero global feedback and is assembled with building blocks that make future upgrades or replacements affordable and easy to do. The chassis is milled out of one piece of aluminum and finished up with powder coat paint.
Each powerstage have it’s own seperate power supply and 600VA transformer.
There are 2 different inputs to choose from. 1 Balanced (XLR) and 1 Unbalanced (RCA).

The Power rating is 200W in 8ohm RMS that nearly doubles into 4ohm and 2ohm.

Alluxity Power One Spec Sheet PDF

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