Project Description


Tidal’s long awaited standalone digital music streamer, the Arkas, sets new industry boundaries as a digital source. Described as the ‘Porsche GT3 RS’ of the audiophile streaming world by its maker, the Arkas dispenses with a lot of the heavy architechture seen in this area for a no frills purist approach where sonic performance is uppermost.

The Arkas is replete with a large amount of newfangled technology in the way it handles streaming services and it also turns it’s back on more complex streaming and music management softwares which incur a significant penalty to sound quality. The Arkas is truly befitting in performance terms of the Tidal badge and it’s inclusion in a Tidal system. It is everything we expected and hope for, and more,

When employing AES or USB connectivity the Arkas sits at the frontier of audio quality for a digital front end but when used with the all important i2S Tidal Link digital connection direct into the 2020 Camira Dac, the it takes a huge leap into the far away cosmos and finally brings digital performance up to the same level as the very best analogue front ends.

In Jörn Janczak’s own words, “USB 30%, AES 40% …. ‘Tidal Link’ 100% !”



TIDAL ARKASMusic Streamer£28,000