Project Description

AVALON COMPÁS £40,700/£47,200

Inspired by the Rhythmic time signature patterns of flamenco music, the COMPÁS illuminates the fundamental structural elements & impulse in all musical genres. Primarily characterized by its dynamic & percussive rhythms, the Compás delivers a disciplined performance with high transient speed & clarity of image definition.
This constant Q design generates critically damped driver resonances from octave to octave throughout the audio spectrum. With a Q of 0.5, ringing & transient smearing is eliminated.

Control networks within the Compás crossover are designed specifically to target high resolution & ambience retrieval under high current conditions. At its heart the Compás’s unique ceramic/honeycomb woofers deliver an authoritative low frequency response with unsurpassed transient accuracy, carefully blending with the highs for a “true to source” sound field reproduction. Proprietary low jitter circuitry clarifies the image boundaries to a high-resolution, suitable for professional monitoring, where microphone placement & phasing are critical.

Utilisation of the same diaphragm materials throughout the array adds to the continuity of harmonic structure in a crisp, seamless musical presentation devoid of stored energy; its rock solid imaging presented with a palpable density through accurate & colourful harmonic structures.

Price: Compas ceramic £40,700 (£47,200 premium finishes), Compas diamond £49,500 (£56,000 premium finishes)

Driver Compliment :       1” Concave Ceramic neodymium tweeter
4” Concave Ceramic Midrange
9” Ceramic/Honeycomb Woofers
Sensitivity :                    91dB @ rated impedance
Impedance :                 4 ohms nominal
Frequency Response :   27Hz to 24Khz
Amplifier Power :          30 to 750 Watts
Dimensions :                 45” (114cm) H  11” (28cm) W  17” (43cm) D
Weight :                        160 pounds (72kg) each
Overall, the HiFiMan HE-6 and Allnic HPA-5000 paired wonderfully. I experienced the beautiful euphonic midrange that only tubes can provide, along with natural life-like dynamics, silky smooth treble, and deep tight bass. Even after hundreds of songs and countless hours of listening, I continued to melt away into the music itself. I just never get tired of the sound. The Allnic HPA-5000 is one of the best headphone amps I have ever heard, period. Just about every low impedance headphone available is driven to its full potential and there is little room for improvement; it’s that close to perfection.
Dubstel Girl, Headphone Guru
Hi Richard Well, you kindly offered me a ‘sale and return’ deal. I can safely say that you won’t be seeing this unit again. The HPA5000, coupled with the HiFiMan HE1000 will probably be my ‘end-game’ set-up !
David, Lotus Customer
The Woo Audio 5 is close to perfect with the HE-6, and the HPA-5000 takes it to the next level, it’s just a little sweeter and more romantic.
Dubstep Girl, Headphone Guru