Project Description



The new K2 and Everest end caps replace the regular end caps on your grounding boxes and the upgrade in transparency, clarity and lower noise is quite startling for such a simple and inexpensive product. If you currently ground your speaker terminals then their effect is even more impressive. We recommend the Everest for the biggest performance jump unless the system tends toward the brighter side in which case K2 might be better suited.

K2, £170 each
EVEREST, £240 each


To realise a speakers performance it is imperative that your speaker is stable. Generally, treble vibrates from at least 5-20 kHz and the surface of the baffle, as well as the other panels on your speaker, will sing along approximately at around 400 to 900Hz. Using vibration cartography (a common acoustic engineers tool) it is quite easy to visually see that speaker baffles even at modest levels, almost have a life of their own. Therefore its easy to see that obtaining good sound when distortion is being introduced like this must be a loudspeaker designers real achillies heel. In addition because of this fundamental problem as well as the entire speaker cabinet sympathetically moving forwards & backwards , you also loose a lot of musical energy. This loss and confusion of energy effects the clarity in the bass, its weight and power, as well as smearing of the midrange which in turn generally causes a brighter presentation overall. This is of course a simplified outline of quite a complex issue.

If you remember your basic Physics lessons you will know that you cannot get rid of energy but simply convert it into another form. ‘Vibb eaters’ consist largely of our own dedicated copper-based sand mixture with the addition of small quantities of, amongst other things , specific precious metals. The properties of this mixture offers very interesting characteristics, particularly in the areas of magnetic fields, field effects, as well as dealing with physical vibration & surface energy. When you place a ‘Vibb eater’ on top of your loudspeaker speaker or on top of your electronic equipment the vibrations and various magnetic fields that come from the box’s are absorbed, then through the mechanical friction between the copper granular mixture the excess energy is converted into very low level heat.

The treble tones become cleaner and free from the overtone distortions of a vibrating baffle. The bass becomes quicker, tighter and with a deeper more textured sound. Above all the sound picture is widened which should give you a more precise position in width, depth and altitude. Last but not least there should now be a flow and a calm in the sound.

VibbEater, £95-£260 each (in a variety of weights)
Pair of Apollo Vibb Eaters, £750


When you start to think of the very small signals that are transported through, in and out as well as surrounding our electronic equipment, it shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that even the physical vibrations , gated field effects and spurious currents that are produced by relays, capacitors, transformer, powersupplies etc, as well as through the air itself, can effect & impact our audio signal.

The Lynxfeet both drain and isolate your electronic equipment. Vibration and energy is guided through the base of the foot to our proprietary sand filled tunnel-construction where the energies are directed towards the labyrinths in the side of the Lynxfoot. Here they are transformed into heat. Airborne vibrations and micro vibrations from the equipment itself are then guided down through the supporting pad on the upper surface of the Lynx foot where the energy is directed to different labyrinths in another part of the foot. This complex arrangement is to ensure that all energy paths are dealt with independently and to maintain a solid foundation. This elaborate construct avoids cross contamination as well as ensuring that performance is repeatable no matter the enviroment or the support shelf material.

Lynx feet, Set of 3, £700
Garbo 4, Set of 3, £250
ES-Pad feet, Set of 3, £750


This device works almost like an antenna, picking up multiple forms of radiation. This radiation/energy is then directed or lead away from the RecievUs itself by the connection of one of our Ertha spade to spade cables to the RecievUs, the other end is then connected to one of our ground boxes.

Recievus SB with ground point, £450

AC Wrap

In every cable that transports an alternating current a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections. Using AC Wraps offers a calm stability to the sound, even with cheaper Power cords and cables. If you are already using more expensive cable’s, we are delighted to say that no matter the brand it will work better with an AC Wrap. They do however have other interesting applications, especially if you own a metal legged equipment support/rack ? Please speak to your dealer or distributor for greater clarity on this particular application !

Pair of Entreq AC wraps £140
Pair of Silver Wraps £240
Pair of Mini Wraps £70
Pair of Silver mini Wraps £120